Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This time around: notes on training

File under "thoughts I have while running":  Why is someone who runs marathons a marathoner, but someone who does triathlons a triathlete?  Triathloner?  Marathete?  Just wondering.

Writing about marathon training when you are one week in is kind of like talking about pregnancy during your first month.  Woohoo!  This is easy!  What is all the fuss?!

But from where I stand today, things are looking good!  1 week down, only 17 to go.   Those 3 mile runs during the week are awesome.  I felt strong during my first 8-mile long run despite the cold weather.

This time around, I am totally embracing the out of doors and I'm going to stay away from the treadmill as much as possible.  Because we haven't gotten much snow, I've been really enjoying trail running and find it just crazy-cool to be running trails in January.  Sometimes it's a tad icy or loud and crunchy, but it's still runable, and such a joy to be in the woods on a cold winter day.  My friend Lindsay recently asked me:  "doesn't the cold weather just make you feel more alive?"  Totally.  Yes.

Another thing I love about running in the winter (I'm being serious here) is how much your nose runs.  It just seems to me that if your body is getting rid of fluids like that in a constant flow, you have to be doing something good for yourself.  I feel totally cleaned out after a cold run.  A bit of advice:  don't borrow fleece mittens from a runner.

And get this: on Sunday, I actually cross trained.  In my 3 training cycles before this, if it said "cross" on the calender, I felt pretty good if I did laundry, cooked dinner, and mopped the floors for some cardio.

But I borrowed a trainer for my bike for the winter so I can actually do a workout IN MY HOUSE.  Amazing.  What a concept.  And you know what is weird about biking indoors?  There is no wind to cool you down, so you sweat buckets. 

The kids thought it was so wild that mommy was biking in the house.  30 minutes of hard biking felt like a great workout, and will serve as both cross for marathon training and early prep for the half-ironman

I have also decided that the hot tub is going to be an integral part of my training this time around.  There is a beautiful hot tub connected to the pool at the UMaine Rec Center, and now that both of my kids can swim unaided (woot!  Reed has passed the deep-end test!), I can take them swimming and just soak in the hot tub.  It's kind of ridiculously luxurious.  On Sunday, my body felt fantastic after about an hour in the tub.

Reed also sits in the hot tub with me and is surprisingly chill and un-Reed-like in there.  He was in it for so long on Sunday that he got all pink and hot and when he sat on my lap he reminded me of a boiled potato.  Like, I started craving butter and dill.  Is that weird?

I hope to stay this optimistic about the training as it gets harder, but so far, so very good.


Jen said...

You never cease to amaze me. Your training plan rocks!

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

Looks awesome! I love the "eat cake" day on the training plan!

Emilie said...

my birthday. :)

Nancy said...

Carrie beat me to it, but "eat cake" is also my favorite part of your plan. I love how minimalist it is ("6" not "run 6 miles") and yet "eat cake" made the cut. It's important to verbalize your goals.
I am also amused by the very outdoor looking bike in the house. The dining room, is it? I think I'd constantly feel like I was about to go flying into the mashed potatoes. Or out the window. Watch out for that wine bottle!

Nancy said...

Oh yes, and I think your advice about not borrowing fleece mittens from runners is golden and should appear in Runners World.
And finally, awesome training plan. You might just as well write "blow Nancy's mind AGAIN" into your new year's goals 'cause you do it every time. So inspiring.