Monday, January 30, 2012

working out at home: reality

Having the bike trainer at home is very convenient.  When I get ready to do a workout in the living room, I always imagine that it's going to be like this.  Just me, the bike, and the Food Network.

This is what it actually looks like:
Reed, Sam and Skyler are all asking me something at the same time, and Reed is getting too close and making me nervous about getting fingers close to spokes.

But my favorite thing about this photo?  Look at Jackson.  He's like:  "boring!"


Jen said...

Yep - almost like my house! Gotta love a 'stress free' workout! ha!

susant said...

Who took this picture? Too funny!

Emilie said...

skyler did.. see her feet?

Jen Small said...

yup. that's how we rock*star athlete mama's get it done :)

Nitsirk said...

Very funny. Just a tip- you might want to put a phone book or a block of wood under your front tire to level things out. I also like to put a towel under the front half of my bike so I don't sweat all over the floor.

Kirsten said...

I can't think of a less peaceful place to exercise than in my own home. One time I tried to do this belly dancing dvd and it was an absolute nightmare of running commentary and questions. Ran ended up donating the dvd to his office's crappy white elephant gift exchange.

PS I love Jackson.

Emilie said...

oh my god, Kirsten, don't even get me started on the DVDs. Yoga with Sam watching is the opposite of Yoga. Just think of Ran and Sam together!

Nitsirk: I know I need to do that! Thanks for the reminder!

Jen Small: love your comment.