Monday, February 20, 2012

hope for the mommies!

This post is dedicated to all of my mommy friends, whether I know you or don't, who have wee ones who require all of your patience, constant attention and assistance.  There is hope for your sanity in the near future. 

On our first day of winter vacation,  I had a full day with my kids that showed me we've really turned the corner out of the near-insanity stage.  Sam is away at state meets in southern Maine, so I have the kids on my own for a couple days and we set out to have an action-packed day. 

It started with a Family Meeting.  For whatever reason, my kids totally love Family Meetings, which just means they sit down and listen and I tell them stuff.  I had some errands I needed to take care of and they wanted to have some fun, so we made a deal.  The deal was simple, really:  "you have to be good all day."  But because this information was conveyed during a Family Meeting, they shouted "Yes Ma'am!"

First stop:  LL Bean to return their broken-zippered hooded sweatshirts.  They each got new super-soft sweatshirts plus they each got a new item that completely thrilled them:  earmuffs!  Who knew?
They were good!

Next stop:  UMaine pool:  They swam happily until they were shivering.  And, get this mommies of littles, they showered themselves, dried themselves, dressed themselves, and we left with nary an incident nor a timeout.

Next:  a visit to my mom's where they (mostly) played well together while I chatted with my mom. 

Next:  To the movies!  We went to see The Secret World of Arietty which was very cute, and they were attentive and wide-eyed and they shared their snacks.  They were good!

Next:  (this was the real test).  I took them with me to get new glasses.  Let me repeat, I took my 2 often-crazy children to the eyeglasses store with the rule that they could NOT TOUCH any glasses.  God bless Lenscrafters for having a little Lego table in the corner.  You guys, I tried on glasses without feeling rushed nor did I break a sweat, got mine ordered, and we all walked out of there and no voices had been raised.  It was so weird.

I was feeling really crazy and lucky at this point, so we went to Dysart's (very Mainey truck-stop diner) for dinner.  They ordered their own meals (including sides of broccoli), colored their placemats, chatted with the nice trucker next to us, and ate all their dinner so they got ice cream for dessert.*

On the ride home, Skyler high-fived me and Reed said:  "AWESOMEST DAY EVER!"

Am I dreaming?  My children are not just tornadoes anymore;  they are small people whom I can hang out with.  Let's not get carried away here;  I know they have their moments, and it's only Monday of vacation, but still.  I was a proud mommy, and wanted those of you who still need Valium to get through a restaurant meal to know there is hope.

But just so you know, publishing this post just about guarantees me that one or both of them will be difficult or have a tantrum tomorrow, just to keep me humble.  

*While we were waiting for our dinners, I told the kids about "Dysart's 18-wheeler" which is a sundae with 18 scoops of ice cream and if one person can eat it, he or she earns a Dysart's t-shirt.  They thought this whole concept was incredible and had a lot of questions.  No, we didn't order it.  But I did order Banana Cream Pie (Hello, CFC around the corner!  So good, so dirty!) which was delicious, and when Reed saw how huge it was, he said:  "Wow Mom.  You are totally going to get a t-shirt for that."


Carver Fam said...

go Mommy!! Awesome!!!

ltlindian said...

Dysart's chocolate cream pie is the absolute best. I have blogged about it's awesomeness.

For me, my family acts it's best if I have only 1 or 2 of the three. All three....forget it. There's gonna be a fight in there somewhere.

kristin marie said...

Ha! The beautiful period I imagine between the insanity of being little and the family disdain of the teenager. Enjoy it - I'm totally jealous!

Julie Fly said...

I don't have any kids, but this is an awesome post! I love your blog! :)

Laurie in Maine said...

I hope wood_was_knocked_onto.
(Just for good measure!) :)
May your Friday's post start out with a Vacation Ditto of Day 1!!!

(wonders why the eye test/I'm not a robot pledge in order to comment lately has to be so blurry and the words so long, google?)

Molly said...

Thanks for the post Emilie! My kiddos are almost 3 and 10 months so I DREAM of days like these while also trying to savor the babyhood from a calm mental space.
Thanks for the reassurance :)

Brooke said...

Exhale... Thanks for that. I am in for CFC. -Brooke

wendi said...

OMG. Bless you. There is hope! I have a 2 year old, 16 month old and a 1 month old...3 under 3. I will try and hang in there. :)