Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Dear Universe,
I know I got a little smug yesterday about my exceptional parenting and my extremely cooperative children.  And I know I had it coming today after going public with my very smooth and fun day.  But really?  All of this?

Today Reed had three time outs before breakfast.

During breakfast, Skyler said to me:  "You are not the queen of my life."
To which I replied: "Actually, yes I am."

In the middle of the grocery store, I said "I need  a vacation.  To Mexico."
Skyler rolled her eyes and said:  "Good luck with that."

Each child said "This is so boring" about 53 times each.  The bank teller asked me if I was "enjoying school vacation" in a tone that implied I looked like I was not. 

Reed poked Skyler and destroyed her lego tower which made her cry in an extreme manner that was not proportional to the crime.

And that was all fairly normal, but did Target really have to go into "CODE YELLOW" today because I lost Reed?  Really?

Over the walkie talkies to the other employees, a Target manager had to say these words:  "There is a 5 year old blonde boy missing in the store.  He is wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and a pair of earmuffs over the hood."

Okay universe, I guess we're even.  And did I say something about valium?


Instructor K said...

LOL! oh my god I'm actually totally laughing out loud! not in a smug way but just in a very understanding way :-)

I was asked why I was queen of life today since I've been trapped with two sick kids in this place for days and days and everyone has just about had it!

This is Kirsten--just under a different "school" alias

ltlindian said...

haha! that's funny how when you speak of something in your life that's going well like kids behaving and not getting sick etc, then that very thing happens! now all is even with the universe. :)

Sparkplug said...

Oh, and I was so loving your post from yesterday and thinking how lovely it would be when my Sam is old enough to take out like that. Ha. I guess it all does even out, doesn't it?!

(This might be the first time I've posted here, so if I haven't said it before, I really enjoy your blog!)

Anne-Marie said...

That is how my universe seems to work as well, regardless of child age. I wouldn't know anyone who, say, came to blows in a massive fight over a balloon left over from the pancake supper. Sorry you had a crap day today (but glad yesterday was the day of awesome, so you can think fondly of it on days like today....)

Amy said...

Made my day!

Joanne said...

Really laughed out loud at Code Yellow part, not because it isn't serious, just from your expression of deflating exasperation. No wonder Reed couldn't hear your Mommy calls, hood and earmuffs worked well for him!
Enjoy the ebb and flow!

Jen Cryblskey said...

Maybe it's that seasonal depression that is getting the kids and you down. All Moms go through it. Things will get better and then suddenly when you all least expect it, the whole family will feel Glee at once. God Bless