Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reedo is five.

This is Reed during his days of big-fat baby belly and spun-sugar hair and sweet baby kisses.  In this photo, he wasn't yet 1 year old.  Reed's demeanor as a baby totally belied the fire-cracker that he has become.  He was the smilingest and most placid baby, and so I guess it's only natural that I pine for these days when I rocked him in the rocking chair and patted his diaper butt under footie fleece pajamas. 

Yes, that was me being nostalgic for the days of diapered babies.  Weird.

And here is my FIVE year old today, in all of his wild-haired glory.  FIVE years ago today, on a cold Super-Bowl Sunday, I delivered a 9.5 pound whopper of a blonde boy.  The impression of all the nurses in the hospital that day is that they had never seen SUCH a blonde baby with SO MUCH hair.  I should send them a photo of Reed today!

 I know that every mom says this, but I love this boy so much it hurts me, and I seriously cannot imagine a world without my funny, loving, husky-voiced Reedo. 

SKATEBOARD!! (it goes with his hair)

HUGE smile from the Buzz Lightyear Doll.  SCORE, Aunt Liesel!!!

Per Reed's Request, today we are having pancakes for breakfast, going swimming at the Rec Center so we can sit in the hot tub (OKAY, fine, Reed), and then dinner at my mom's.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite little man.


Anne-Marie said...

happy birthday to Reed!

Jen Small said...

Happy Birthday!!
That hair is amazing-gorgeous!!!

My little Lola bean turned 3 in the fall and it's just incredible how fast the time flies :)

Rowgirl08 said...

Happy birthday Reedo! Nice job momma!
Ok - his hair is now making me NOT want to cut my two year olds cool and perfect for that skateboard!