Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunnyday run.

Tom, Rachel, Roger, Ashley, Libby, Charlie and me:  7 runners, 6 miles, 7 degrees.  Week 3:  check!
Look at that blue sky!  We had a gorgeous run this morning partly on the roads and partly through the woods on the bike path, and ended up with mugs of coffee and breakfast burritos at Verve.

I missed one run this week due to an especially crazy schedule, but I'm still feeling great about this training cycle.  Things start to pick up in the next few weeks, so we will see if I continue to feel so good.

6 miles @ 9:53 pace.

Thanks for all the love about the Las Olas contest.  Voting apparently starts tomorrow and will be open for about 2 weeks.  I'll post the link as soon as I know it.


SNW said...

i missed one run, too! all week long i thought of ways to double up with x-training and finally, moments ago, i decided to cross it out and move on. :) april is far away..

Lisa said...

I was perfect. Blue sky, sun, and very little wind. And lots of quiet to lose myself in my run.