Sunday, February 12, 2012

week 4: check

Okay, so it might not have been the best idea to run 11 miles with negative 12 windchill this morning when I'm as sick as I am.  But the sun was bright, the sky was blue, and if you were tucked into your bed this morning staying warm, I'm a little jealous, but you know what you missed?  Besides the best hot shower and the best cup of coffee ever after the run, you missed seeing four white-tailed deer running silently across a frozen pond in the woods.  And it always amazes me that no matter how cold it is, if I am dressed correctly, I actually get toasty warm after about a mile, and even when it's freeeezing cold out, the sun will still be so strong and warming that you can feel it for hours afterward. 

11 miles, slow and sometimes hard, but done nonetheless. 

Okay, that whole sick week thing can be over now, and I'm ready to carry on!