Saturday, February 11, 2012

moving right along in February...

Well, hi! I guess I didn't post anything for a week! Let's see. I had a busy busy work week during which I squeezed in editing for Sparrow's next issue, and writing a review of this book that will eventually appear here, did some writing for my graduate class, and... oh yeah, I got sick! Conjunctivitis so bad that I couldn't open my eyes, and that was followed by a hacking cough and cold. So, there was that.

I also had a birthday, number 38. My birthday was full of emails and phone calls and cards and love, flowers delivered to work (see them, Jen?),  new running clothes and new kitchen stuff and good food. 

I have hardly any photos from the evening, but I did have some friends over for Indian food and Suzanne made me this awesome chocolate cake.

We also had a Valentine's Dance at Skyler's school this week.  This was the best I could do to get Reed dressed up.

A quick dance lesson before we left:
Suzanne was in charge of this dance and we went early to help her decorate.  It was a ton of work for her and she pulled the whole thing off with style and aplomb.  Look how relaxed she looks!  (Don't tell anyone I told you, but I saw her popping Tylenol and washing it down with her second coffee in the corner minutes before the dance started.)
The girls helped with balloons.  Reed popped some balloons.  Sorry, Suz. 

There was also just regular stuff this week.  Painting and being silly.  And lots of swim meets, so that is where Sam was. 

I missed one run this week due to being sick, but otherwise I'm on track.  I've got 11 miles on the schedule tomorrow morning even though I'm still not 100%.  I'd say I'm like 75%.  The forecast calls for a "real feel" temperature of -10 degrees, so please don't tell my mom that I'm going to run anyway. 

All this talk of cold weather reminds of something:  I would really like to go surfing in Mexico!  Did I mention that I'm a finalist in this great contest and might win a week at Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women?  Have you voted?  It takes 2 seconds!

If you have gotten an error message or had a hard time voting from the Las Olas site, all you need to do is send an email to with "I vote for Emilie" in the subject line.  Easy, right?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Lee said...

Just voted for ya.

Willow said...

I voted with all three of my email accounts. :)

Happy Birthday!