Thursday, March 1, 2012

CFC: day five

When I woke up, I had to make sure this wasn't just a dream.  And then I went ahead and got my airline tickets.  Wow.  It's really going to happen. 

Meanwhile...well, March, here you are, confused as ever.

The first day of March was a snow day, and while I definitely needed it and got caught up on a lot of things today, the snow can melt now.  I did get my 7 miles in during the snow storm, and I have to admit, that made me feel kind of tough.

The rest of the snow day was normal inside shenanigans.  We colored, Skyler made clay from scratch, we built stuff with blocks,  made messes, and watched a movie.  
When did my baby girl's legs become one and a half miles long?

a striking resemblance!

Okay, Clean Food!  First, if you haven't read it yet, my friend Heather wrote an article for Sparrow's Spring issue about the Clean Food Challenge and it's excellent.

My day, even though I was home and out of my routine, went just fine.  In fact, I was grocery shopping by 8:30 am and got restocked and resettled for the last few days of the Cleanse.

Breakfast:  the usual (oatmeal, blueberries, coffee)
More breakfast:  (it was a snow day)  canteloupe, some bites of Skyler's eggs, some walnuts.

On the way to my run:  Banana

On the way home from my run:  Blueberry Muffin Lara Bar (technically a processed food, but the ingredients are dates, blueberries, cashews, and vanilla extract.)  Very delicious.

Lunch:  Quinoa Edamame Salad (a la Suzanne) with peanuts and cilantro... it was amazing.  I'll get the recipe from her.  And Curried Sweet Potato Soup.  ( Simply veggie broth, 4 sweet potatoes, 1 onion, and a palmful of curry powder simmered for about an hour and then pureed.)

Afternoon Activity:  Juicing!  We made juice with 1 cucumber, 6 carrots, 5 apples, 1 pear, 1 lime.

Dinner:  I tried brown rice pasta!  It was, well, okay.  I was told to be careful not to overcook it or it gets slimy, so I ended up under-cooking it a bit. 
It still served as a fine vehicle for pesto and spinach.  I wasn't that hungry for some reason, so this was fine. 

That's it!  Day 5 is in the books.  I think it must get easier the more times I do this cleanse, because I am not having any major cravings or anything.

I have heard from a lot of people who seem to be doing well too.  Keep up the good work... almost done!

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Jamie said...

Great job!

I loved the brown rice pasta when I tried it, but I guess it does depend on how long you cook it!

Nadine said...

I'm doing the vegan challenge, and I'm actually glad, Vegan seems easier to me than "clean"!

Anne-Marie said...

the quinoa salad sounds good-- go you, running seven miles in the snow! I had to settle for feeling badass when I shoveled the driveway with Sam on my back this morning. :)

Zoe K said...

It seems I'm an accident waiting to happen, and with the irritating little injuries I keep collecting, keeping to any workout schedule (let alone Hal Higdon reconditioning, woodsman team, and rugby) nigh impossible. But I think it is thanks to CFC that I'm feeling pretty darn good! Even without my usual cardio!

Mo said...

Emilie...Cravings? Did you say, "cravings!?" Last night I announced that what I REALLY wanted was toast with butter. Real butter. Not margine. I settled for a banana with peanut butter. It's enlightening to be so deliberate about what I eat. Now I know that a banana slathered in peanut butter isn't really a prize-winningly healthy evening snack, but I had to stop and think about what I could eat that was included in the CFC. Awareness...well huh, rules and guidelines can be my friends! Especially since I seem unable to impose them on myself.