Sunday, March 4, 2012

CFC: day seven AND Chamberlain Half Marathon Race Report

I finished off the Clean Food Challenge just fine on Saturday.   Here's the rundown.
Breakfast:  the usual
Lunch (out and about): lots of dried mango, Odwalla Mango Lime Smoothie, Cashew Mango Kind Bar (yes, I love mangoes).
Snack:  Rice cake with almond butter and banana with Detox Tea.
Dinner:  See photo.  Crispy Kale and Quinoa with broccoli and carrots and ginger and a side of Tempeh (idea I got from Suzanne) marinated in molasses, Tamari and Rice Vinegar and then sauteed in olive oil.

This dinner was AWESOME.  However, I do not recommend all these greens and veggies the night before a half marathon.  My stomach was not happy after about mile 10 and through much of the afternoon.  I think it's probably better to stick with a basic carbo-loading meal like pasta or pizza.  But I'm glad I finished off the CFC anyway. 

Overall, what I love most about eating CFC style, is how EVEN I feel.  I don't get highs and lows in my energy.  I don't get sleepy.  I feel very focused and productive.  I attribute this to the lack of bread and sugar, and it's just such a good reminder that those things should be eaten in moderation.  I also love how deliberately I have to be about shopping, cooking, and packing my food.  I said this already, but it feels like such a gift to myself to have healthy food at the ready and not be left to grab bagels in the Tim Horton's drive-thru.

I did, however,  start my day with a bagel and a coffee, and yes, it tasted delicious.

This morning I ran the inaugural Chamberlain Half Marathon which started in Brewer and ran into Bangor and back to Brewer.  I can't say it was the most beautiful half marathon course in history, but it was still a good course, most of which I have run before on my normal training runs.  I very much liked that aspect, that I always knew where I was and knew what to expect for uphills and downhills.

I had 14 miles on the calender for this weekend, so I intended to treat this as just a long training run with a bunch of people.  It was great to be at a race with Jen and Amy again, 2 of my Sole Sisters.

and also with Roger, my training buddy for Sugarloaf.  I was glad to see that both of us had our bibs on crooked.  Check this out.  Roger killed it today with a 1:42 (7:40 pace).  Most impressive, Coach, and only a little bit annoying.

In terms of the race, I enjoyed it and felt strong almost all the way, ran it alone, listened to music, and felt comfortable until my stomach started to bother me at around mile 10 and then I just got tired for the last few miles.  Looking at my splits, I probably took it out too fast and waited too long to eat some fuel.  I am really annoyed at myself to say that, because those seem to be the same 2 mistakes that I always make.  I have another Half Marathon in April, so I'm going to concentrate on just those 2 things:  take it easy for the first few miles and take fuel regularly and see if it makes a difference in how I feel when I cross the finish line.

I ended up with a 2:16, average pace of 10:17, which is totally fine for the middle of marathon training.  Just a long run.  That's what I kept telling myself. 

Some highlights of the run:  My friend Paul was out on his bike and rode next to me for a bit at mile 6 and at mile 12.5 (thanks so much, Paul!).

The amazing Marks family (who are total experts at race cheering) was there at about 4 points on the course shaking cowbells and taking photos.   The course was also well marked with volunteer National Guardsmen at every turn.  Water stops were exactly where they said they would be.  Volunteers were friendly and supportive.  Cops stopped traffic at all major intersections.  It was a small race in terms of numbers, but I thought the folks who put this on did a great job.

I got cold right away when we stopped, so again, I appreciated that they had mylar blankets and lots of water and fruit at the finish line.  And, the medals and shirts are pretty cool too.  Good job, Chamberlain Half Marathon people!

Post race pizza tonight?  Oh yes.  Dirty, delicious pizza.


Jamie said...

Great job on finishing up the CFC, but I agree with you I don't think my clean dinner helped me for my 11 miler today.

You did awesome at the half marathon, I can't wait to run a race in Maine (my home state!)

Pattie Reaves said...

I so wished I could have done that race this weekend but am vacationing in San Diego. Glad to hear it was a good one!