Tuesday, March 13, 2012

field trip.

On Sunday the day was wide open, and I felt the need for some ocean. I drove with my mom and the kids to Bar Harbor where we went to the beach, watched the seagulls, built a castle, and then went out to lunch.  It was sunny and cool, but warm for March, so we soaked up some outside time. 


ltlindian said...

I used to work at the Bar Harbor Inn for summers when I was in college. You were right next to it in those pics right?

Ahhh--Geddys. My favorite underage drinking bar of the early 90's..... :)

Kirsten said...

Beautiful pictures! And a great place for a field trip. Ran and I avoided working on our theses (why do I feel like such a jerk being grammatically correct with that word?) at Geddys--the only restaurant that was open in the middle of winter!