Sunday, March 11, 2012

signs of spring

It is 50 degrees today.  In Maine.  In March.  And it's daylight savings time which I love because it's almost dinner time and the whole house is full of light.  We actually went to the beach today, yes we did, and made a sand castle.  More on that later.

We've been watching some of the Red Sox pre-season games, and nothing says hope, sunshine and warmth like baseball on television.  If you've read this blog for a while, you know I love the Red Sox and my interest and allegiance to this team has surprised people in my family and friends who've known me for years.  I'm not a fan of professional sports, really, and I'm not really a fan of just baseball, it's just the Red Sox.  And we like to brag that it is no coincidence that the two years we had children, 2004 and 2007, are the two years the Sox won the World Series.  Sorry New Englanders, we're not having any more babies.

So, we've been watching the pre-season games and I'm trying to get to know the new team and the new manager since all the changes after last year's debacle.  You may remember I had a thing for Johnny Damon before he left the Red Sox and then I had a thing for Jonathan Papelbon, and then (break my heart) he got traded to the Phillies.

jon papelbon

johnny damon

I especially miss Papelbon.  He was my main man.  And so, I'm kind of having a Red Sox Crush Crisis.  Last night I started checking everyone out to see who my new man is going to be.

I think I may have found him.   I think it's the pitcher Daniel Bard, but I have to get to know him a little better first.  He's pretty nice looking, and he's a pitcher, so he does all those sexy pitcher things like the leg that goes way up in back and that look of utter concentration.  Yes, please.

Any Red Sox fans out there who can recommend a Red Sox player to take the place of my previous loves?  Because Sam wasn't that interested in helping me on this project. 

daniel bard

daniel bard doing the sexy leg thing

In other news, I ran 15 miles on Saturday morning, my longest run in a year,  on a totally beautiful blue-sky day, and the very weird thing is, it wasn't that hard to finish, AND I had no pain after the run and today I'm just slightly tight but not sore.  That can go down as a March miracle.  I feel great.

Off to cross train and then work on my seniors' research papers.  Happy Sunday night!


mrsduncker said...

Forget Red Sox and athletes; George Clooney is the man. Or am I showing my age??

I think you should NOT take your computer to Mexico! Don't waste one precious moment thinking about your blog readers. We can wait until you get back! But do call me while you're there! (*_*)!!!

Kerry said...

2004/2007, oh, that explains everything....we actually chalk up all the NE team wins to the fact that they all started again the year after he moved back from MN (and met me)......

Can I echo the other comment too....just bring journal and camera. We can wait while you have your amazing, well deserved time!

OK - just flew across the country and need to go to bed.

Kerry said...

Obviously I DO need to go to bed....we chalk them all up to my husband (now doesn't that make more sense?)