Sunday, March 25, 2012

week 10: 3 out of 5 is not bad, right?

My training was a little off this week.  I had one of the busiest weeks ever at work.  I also had a calf strain that developed last weekend and hung on throughout the week.

Skyler faced some tough issues in the 1st grade social scene and was feeling quite sad, so I felt the need to be closer to home so I could hang out with her and boost her self esteem by reminding her how incredibly cool she is.  (And here is where I resist the urge to write my observations and feelings about the 1st grade social scene out of respect for my girl, but I will say this:  mothers of young girls, go ahead and start building a fortress around your heart.)

So I skipped two runs this week, and even though I knew it was a good idea for all kinds of reasons, it still surprises me how badly I feel about getting off of my plan. Even when it is in the best interest of my body and my family, I still bugs me.  I have issues.

But then on Saturday morning, I had the best long run of my long and illustrious running career.  Not because it was fast or because I had no aches and pains, but because I never had one (not one) bad thought or mental demon visit me.  It was so weird and cool.  I didn't struggle, overthink it, feel overwhelmed by the distance, or ever say "I can't do this."  I just attacked it one mile at a time until my Garmin rolled over to 17 miles at the top of the mean hill by my house.  I thought, "Hmm.. I could definitely run some more if I had to."

The course strategy was perfect.  5 miles from my house to downtown Bangor, 6 miles of trails along the river with my friend Roger, 1 mile loop around town, and then 5 miles back home to Hampden.  Perfect weather (sunshine and 35-40 degrees).  The previous week of 80 degree summer weather is over, but it melted all the snow and ice and left the trails in perfect running shape. 

Perfect post run re-fuel smoothie:  Orange juice, blueberries, raw baby spinach, chia seeds and raw oats.

Hey runners!  I think it's time for me to get on the compression-wear bandwagon and buy some compression sleeves for my calves to help them recover more quickly.  Who has a recommendation for me on what to get? 



Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... It starts in first grade... Yuck- not looking forward to that!!!! Guess I will keep embracing that my girl still sometimes gets her pronouns confused (and that is very telling of her social awareness!)

Tommy copper makes good sleeves!

XO Casey

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

Tommie Copper is great, but I think the elastic is a little uncomfortable when hot. I swear by my Zensah sleeves. I pretty much live in them.

Jen said...

Love my Tommie Coppers - I sleep in them they are THAT comfortable. I don't have Zensah sleeves, but I have Zensah socks. They have a lot more support - love that, but I cannot sleep in them. :)

Susan B said...

Ed gave me acid green Zensah sleeves for Christmas, and I love them, very comfortable. I set a PR in an unplanned half-marathon this morning, and my calves feel like I didn't run at all. Plus, it was easy for my family to spot me as I ran by (the course went right by my house).

Katie Duffy said...

I've used Zensah and CEP. IMO CEP is the better choice for tighter compression and is more durable (I felt like my Zensah sleeves lost their elasticity far sooner than they should have). CEP is a bit more expensive but worth it. I've also heard a blogger suggest getting the regular nude colored compression socks from a drug store - evidently they have the same grade of compression but cost about $15.

Kaitlyn said...

Don't feel guilty-you did your long run and you were strong, that's what matters! Sorry about the 1st grade blues.

Willow @ My Own Trail said...

I feel your pain re: the 1st grade social scene. My daughter, Amelia, is in 2nd grade and I'm constantly amazed, baffled and terrified by the social stuff that happens with 7 year old girls. I can't imagine what middle school is going to be like. You're so right about building a fortress around our hearts. That's exactly how I feel most of the time.

I'm about to jump on the compression sleeve bandwagon myself after a year of battling ankle.calf pain that is a result of overprinting. In fact, I'm resting my leg after a particularly rough 11 miler this morning and I just looked at compression sleeves on Running Warehouse. One of my running partners swears by them. I have no recommendations at this point but I will be stalking the comments to see if you get any good recommendations.

Willow @ My Own Trail said...

Wow...please ignore the random typos in my last comment. I have a new MacBook that likes to auto correct what I'm typing. Maybe I should have proofread my post before I hit publish. :)

Meredith said...

Emilie, I've used the Zensah sleeves for my calves and wore them for a whole marathon. I thought that they were just the right amount of pressure without feeling like my circulation was going to be cut off. But, I will say that I haven't worn them enough for them to lose elasticity.