Thursday, April 26, 2012

guest blogging and staying afloat

This week has been a total blur.  I started back to work after my vacation, and not only was I going back to the job of keeping all of my students engaged when they'd rather be outside, I also went back with a new job title.  Starting this week, I am the chair of my English department which changes my job description quite a lot.  In the fall, the position will be a co-chair split with my great friend and favorite colleague Susan, but she's away in Scotland for the rest of the semester so for the rest of this year I'm on my own.  My to do list at work got longer, that is for sure.  But I'm really excited at the challenge and the opportunity to have this job.

On top of all that excitement, I got a very intense illness that started tuesday night.  It caused me to miss a day of work which was not in the plan, but it was one of those days I could barely lift my head long enough to write some brief sub plans.  And yes, when I felt better I did indeed google:  "Mexico high fever joint pain vomiting."  Bad idea.  But now that I'm feeling better (except for a fierce headache), I have ruled out Denghe Fever and Malaria or other mosquito-born illnesses that I can't pronounce.  Wouldn't that have been the ultimate souvenir.

My lack of running mojo was not at all helped by my illness, fyi.

Today I'm the guest blogger over at La Playa, the Las Olas blog, where I share my final reflections about my week of surfing in Mexico.

Lastly, the contest for top 25 Outdoorsy Mom is still going.  You can vote every day.  I have been going back and forth between first and second place this week.  See what you can do for me.  :)

I hope to have a running update after this weekend's long (or longish?) run.  More soon!


Liz said...

Just read your blog for the first time and I love it! The photos of your children are beautiful - they are the same ages as my two, but I had a boy, then a girl! I look forward to reading more...