Friday, April 13, 2012

I don't even know where to begin.

 As I sit here tonight on my porch with the town of Sayulita humming down below me with the energy of Friday night, I can't possibly imagine that today was just one day.  It was at the very least a week in terms of wealth of experience and friendship and accomplishment.

Just to tell you the schedule of events and what I did, where I went, what I ate, isn't going to capture it.  My day was more of a feeling than a sequence of events.  The rhythms of this place are set; there is a gentle sway to the way time moves forward, the way people move from place to place, the way the waves break and the palm trees move in the wind.  I am surprised at how much I feel like my own rhythms have already shifted to meet the pace of Sayulita.   One might think it would take several days to acclimate or adjust to this so-very-different world, but it has already happened.  I am so calm here, much more slow in both movement and thought, and yet I had one of the most active days of my life.

Today I surfed.  Today I learned some basic rules and lingo and etiquette about surfing from the awesome Las Olas girls (much more about them coming), and then I actually got right out there and surfed.  I am saving up all of my thoughts and stories about the surfing part, which is huge, and will do a separate post about it later.  But with the gentle pushes of Nicole, Aynsley and Brittany, I rode waves today, up on my feet, finding my balance and my sweet spot and the rush of being carried by a powerful wave under me.  Here is my best understatement:  It was so much fun.

Sayulita is the perfect balance of a comfortable and very safe feeling vacation spot that is very much Mexico.  Authentic local fare, crooked dirt roads and cobblestone paths, kids riding around in the back of pick up trucks, traveling mariachi bands, street vendors, men who whistle at the surf girls, singing, laughing.  There is also a very distinct smell that permeates Sayulita, a gentle mix of ocean, warm air, lush trees and then in the background, there is a smokey sweetness, kind of like a pleasant incense.  That's my best attempt at describing something that can't quite be described.

Even after only one full day, I feel like I have a routine here.  The schedule is set but it's sort of approximate and there is just absolutely zero stress of feeling like you have to be anywhere at any time.  And the group of women with whom I am sharing this week:  all friends already. 

yogurt, granola and fruit (first course) for breakfast
Breakfast with the whole crew at the local breakfast spot.  This is where we will eat every morning. 

Sayulita is so full of color.  
 and dogs.

Surf instruction basics before we hit the water. 

 A Las Olas staff favorite and where we lunched today.

We started off today on the big blue boards but will graduate to fiberglass by the end of the week. 

A sign on the walk between the beach and the villa reads:  "For one moment, stand here in silence and look at the sky and contemplate how awesome life is."

lunch on the porch with Jessie.

even the money is pretty.

Can you guess the only part of me that got sunburned today?  My scalp.

Head surf instructor Nicole giving Jessie (my roommate) some tips.

 My roommate Jessie and I both have star tattoos on our feet.  The chances?

I couldn't stop watching this little local boy ripping it up on the waves.  He is as brown as a bean and totally fearless.  I would like to bring him home. 

The iguana who hangs out in a big tree on the edge of town.  He's enormous.  The tree is called "the iguana tree."  Naturally.
post surf margarita.
 I am off to bed;  I want to get up early tomorrow so I can squeeze even more out of tomorrow.


Hanna said...

Oh, looks just awesome! =o)

Anne-Marie said...

It looks amazing. So glad you have this opportunity to recharge. :)

ann said...

Ok Emilie,
I want to hear how awful the weather is, how lumpy the cot is, how grumpy the roommate is, how bad the food is, how ugly the money is. It's not that I have a problem with jealousy or anything....

Katie Duffy said...

Want. Now.

Nancy said...

About every other picture I think "oh, that's the one she needs to frame and hang on her wall", and then comes another and another... Wow. and so much more Wow. Drink it in, girl! Every bit into every pore!

Amy said...

love it! especially the part about slipping into the relaxed rhythm of life in Sayulita. and the part about surfing. and the part about the yummy food. and the part about the awesome people there. Ok really, all of it :) Enjoy and thank you so much for sharing so we can all live vicariously!! :)