Monday, April 16, 2012

Las Olas: snapshots

I am really excited to tell you about the amazing surfing that happened today on our day trip to Punta de Mita.  But I can barely move my arms after the rigorous day of paddling we had and I am still salty and ready for the evening shower. 

Instead, here are some photos from around town.  I have been really proud of the photos from my little iPhone; having it means I can travel around with my phone in my pocket and not with my big camera. 

the path from yoga back to my villa
up these steps to my villa, where you find the veranda and outdoor shower.

while waiting for lunch.

fish tacos.  so good.

surf instructor brittany

the view from another villa

Omar.  Salsa Instructor.  Brilliant smile.

Jessie and Omar.  Look at Omar's hand.

local church

delicioso sopa de pollo. 
This is Jackie who works for Las Olas in California, and I am so lucky that we happened to be down here the same week.  Jackie is the one who sent me the email telling me that I won the trip.  We are sharing a villa.   I like her so much.

I'll be back tomorrow with more stories.  And boy, do I have stories.  (Thanks everyone for encouraging me not to hold back on the Mexico posts.)


Kirsten said...

Love your stories and your pictures! Want my kitchen floor to look like that tile! Why is it that an outside shower is so awesome? Love that too!! I'm not sure I'd love surfing but I'd like to try it. ;-)

Brooke said...

What amazing pictures emilie. I am so glad you are doing it! I can't wait to hear all your stories, keep Em coming. I am only jealous of your tales and it's great to live vicariously through them!!!!

Willow @ My Own Trail said...

I am totally living vicariously through you right now. I can't get enough of the stories and pictures, so keep 'em coming! Enjoy your last two days!

Have Pencil Will Travel said...

It sounds like you are having fun! Can't wait to her about it over lunch.