Monday, April 30, 2012

portraits of a weekend and a long run

Our weekend was uneventful in an eventful kind of way: listening, lounging, biking and going to the circus.

Jackson runs up and down our street next to Skyler on her bike.  Jackson looks out for her/ Jackson gets a ton of exercise:
 win/ win.

For the love of my children, I endure the overstimulating environment of blinky-flashy light-up toys and squeaky balloons and creepy clowns. And God bless them, Skyler and Reed decided we should leave at intermission if we wanted time to ride bikes before it got dark. Done and done.

Next up was my long run that I put off until Sunday because whatever I had last week was still lingering.  I'm pretty sure that what I had was Mexico related, because unlike a "normal" stomach flu, it lingered for days accompanied by a splitting headache.

I had 20 miles on the schedule.  I went around and around about it in my mind because I knew I wasn't in top form and didn't want to set myself back.  As it was, I was way behind schedule:  I had run a grant total of 4 miles in the last 2 weeks.  I considered just doing 10 or 12 this weekend and saving 20 for next weekend.  I also considered coming up with an injury.  I thought maybe I'd fall down the stairs or something and then I wouldn't have to do it at all.  No luck.

By Saturday afternoon, I had resigned myself that I was at least going to try to run the full 20.  I convinced myself of this by reminding myself that I would have to do it next weekend and go through all the mental gymnastics about the 20 miler for another full week if I didn't just get it over with.  Let's get it done!

I did the first 10 miles by myself (with no ipod... where is my ipod?), then headed the other direction where I picked up my friend Casey at mile 11, and she ran the next 8 miles with me.  There were several times during the first 10 that I almost convinced myself to stop, but I just kept doing a few more, then a few more.  I went SLOWLY and walked several times.  I stopped at my house for Advil* and a banana at the half way point, and at mile 16 I stopped for a bagel and sat on the curb and ate it.  No hurry, people.  Just getting in the miles.

*  You should never take Advil during long runs.

Don't you think that in marathons, the clock should stop a few times throughout the race, and everyone can have a snack and stretch, and then the clock could restart?  I totally do too.

Today I am very sore.  My knees and hips are not too happy.  But I got it done, and now it's time to taper.  3 weeks until the marathon.

Sunday afternoon:  Nothing says "welcome back from your 20-mile run-- time to relax!"  like Skyler greeting you at the door shouting: "JACKSON GOT IN A FIGHT WITH A PORCUPINE!"  On the morning hike with Sam and the kids, Jackson got a mouth full of porcupine quills, and I mean mouthFULL.  That's okay, boy.  I totally wanted to take you to the emergency vet and spend $309.00 getting quills removed from the roof of your mouth.  (Ouch!)

By Sunday afternoon, we had a very sleepy and slightly drunk Jackson.  Poor guy.  Don't you even think of ever doing that again.

Oh hey, have you voted today?  Thank you!  Gotta run.  It's Monday morning!!!


Anonymous said...

Great entry! I struggled with a 20 miler this weekend too for the same marathon! Hang in there, we're almost done (until the next one that is!)!

Rowgirl said...

Oh ouch, poor Jackson!
Nice job on the 20 miler..yup, just put those miles in...and not letting yourself fall to all those possible reasons not to run!
Check out CircusSmirkus this summer for a circus you'd even enjoy - those kids are athletes and artists.

Liz said...

Wow, well done on getting through that 20-miler. I had a similar struggle with my run today, but it was only 6 miles!