Saturday, April 21, 2012

the re-entry

I have officially re-entered into my life after an amazing week in Mexico.

My mom, Sam and the kids came to the airport, and because my mom arrived first, she was set up to capture the moment when I was reunited with the kids.  They ran full-speed from the front door and into my arms.

I'd been traveling for 15 hours, but I perked right up when they almost knocked me over with their love.

While I was away, Sam did an incredible job as single dad, keeping the kids busy, active and happy the whole time.  He also never complained once about me going away for a week and had the house totally spotless when I got home. I feel so very lucky and grateful that I got to go do this trip with the blessings of my family.

And thankfully, nobody told me until I got home that Skyler had been carrying around a photo of the two of us all week.  Overall, I would say that I did a good job being away from them, not worrying about them at all, and they did a great job being happy without me.  This is good information for everyone to have.

Since I've been home, I've been thinking about Las Olas nonstop.  I start every sentence with:  "In Mexico..." or "When I was surfing..." and no one has told me to shut up yet.  I came back here more relaxed than I've ever been in my life.   I feel so unhindered by anything, I might as well be a jellyfish.  I've been holding on tight to my relaxation (does that even make sense?) and trying not to let it get away from me.  When the kids were yelling, I said:  "No, no.  We don't yell.  There was no yelling in Mexico." And when they complained about something, I said:  "We don't complain.  No one complains in Mexico."

Skyler asked:  "What is there to complain about in Mexico?"

Excellent point, mi hija.

 I brought a little bit of Mexico home with me for the family.  I loved and couldn't get enough of these beaded bracelets sold in the plaza.

And for Reed, tiburones de dientes.  Shark tooth.  
He was very impressed.
And cute Sayulita t-shirts all around.

I wanted to make sure Reed remembered where the shark tooth necklace came from so he could tell his friends at school, so I asked:  "Reed, where did Mommy get your necklace?"  He said:  "I know.  Mexichusettes."  Close enough.

So sure, I'm missing the surfing and the relaxing, but what I got out of my week with Las Olas is not the kind of thing that ends, really.  I have it with me now.  It's mine.

Besides, if I hadn't have come home when I did, I would have missed this:  Skyler learned to ride her bike without training wheels the very afternoon of my return.  I ran behind her yelling:  "PADDLE!  PADDLE!  PADDLE!"  I mean "PEDAL!  PEDAL!  PEDAL!"

"I'm so proud of myself!"   So cool.

And now, about running.  I didn't run at all in Mexico and frankly, I never even wanted to.  My trip was all about taking a break from everything in my life, running included.  I got plenty of exercise with the yoga and the surfing, so I even came home feeling stronger.  But still.

Today was my scheduled long run for the marathon that is 4 weeks away.  The schedule said 12 miles.  My attitude toward my training plan, as you probably know, is to do anything that Hal Higdon says.   If I see 12 miles on the schedule, I usually say:  "Yes, Hal  12 miles it is!"  This morning I was like:  "Hal!  Babe! 12 miles?  Have another margarita!"

I thought maybe I'd do 12, but would settle for 8.  After 4, I thought that was plenty so I stopped.  And I ran with no watch.  And felt like that Emilie that pushes herself while running might have dissolved in the saltwater in Mexico.

I have this week to get myself on track, with the big 20 miler next weekend.  Yikes.  That feels like a long freaking way to run.  Right now I'm honestly not sure if I can get my running mojo back. 

My Las Olas surf instructor and friend Brittany (who is also a photographer) sent me a photo she took during my last surf session, the very morning that I later boarded the plane to fly home.  I'm holding on to that feeling, that sunshine.

Okay, last thing:  If you have a second, I was nominated for a blog award called Top Outdoorsy Mom from the blog network Circle of Moms.  The button to enter the voting is on the right under my blog header.  I know you all voted for me to go to Mexico, so I understand if you're rolling your eyes right now.  2 clicks, that's it.  Thank you!


Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

So cool...and so tan! Love the last photo. Oh, and I saw that you were on the Outdoorsy Mom thing yesterday and already voted! Welcome back!

Lora @ Crazy Running Girl said...

Just stumbled upon your blog... love it! And love the gifts you brought back from Mexico. :)

Amie said...

Congrats on your week at Las Olas! I was there in March and totally felt the same fuzzy, relaxed feeling for quite a while after returning to reality in Massachusetts. I look forward to reading more about your adventure(s) in your blog. Thanks for sharing!!! Paddle, paddle, paddle!

a runner said...

So cool about going to Mexico!!!! I have always wanted to learn how to looks really fun :)

Anonymous said...

Such a heartwarming story. I don't know you, but am so glad you had this experience.