Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 11: check

After a pretty solid week of running,  I set out for my 18 miler early Saturday morning. From the very start it was just one of those runs where my legs felt heavy and slow.  I never really got into a great groove on this one.  Thank goodness I had company for a bit; my new friend Jess joined me for miles 6-10 and after I left her, it pretty much went downhill (unfortunately, not literally).

I got happy again for a minute when Suzanne found me at mile 16 with some water, a banana, and lots of enthusiasm.  That was a total relief.

 I did some walking during the last few miles because everything hurt, and I mean everything, including my head and my stomach.  You know what I say to myself when I stop and walk during the end of a long run?  I say:  "Who CARES this is so DUMB running is so POINTLESS I don't even CARE about marathons anyway."  And on and on like that.

I got really happy when I got to Mile 18 and I got to stop. I was also happy to stretch, drink coffee, take advil, and move on with my day. Whatever.

Because I'm going to miss my 19 miler while I'm in Mexico(I leave next week!), I really only have one super long run left (20 miles) in this cycle, which doesn't quite feel possible.

I have a review of Tommie Copper compression sleeves coming up, but I need to wear them for a few more days before I write it.  Just as a preview to my review:  I haven't taken them off since they arrived in the mail.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of Jackson and the kids from a Sunday afternoon romp at the beach.  

Yes, I surrendered to Reed's hair and got it cut.  I could not tame the beast any longer. 

Hope everyone has a great week!


Willow @ My Own Trail said...

I say the same things to myself when I'm struggling through a bad long run (or any bad run, for that matter, regardless of the distance)! I am actually just coming out of a running slump that lasted about 1.5 weeks. Of course, the day I had my first great run after the slump, I injured my achilles tendon. Luckily, it was not a bad injury and after a few days of scaling back the distance and intensity of my runs, it's feeling MUCH better.

SNW said...

I hate running today! At mile 5 of my half marathon yesterday I started to lose my sub 2 hour pace. At mile 11 an extreme burst of energy could have got me home in 2 hours, and then.. mile 12 happened. Holy moly. 75 degrees on the dirt roads of Boulder, all my training goes out the window. Gatorade fantasies. Of course this morning it is gray and sprinkling..