Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Too busy to update much, but here are some new links:

I came in 2nd place in the Circle of Moms contest, thanks very much to your consistent votes and re-posting.  We were neck-and-neck with Moms Run this Town for the whole 3 weeks and then it was a horse race to the finish at the end. 

Many of you asked if I was sad that I didn't win?  No... I was truly, totally fine!  I just won a trip to Mexico after all!  Many of you also asked what it would have meant to win?  Just that Circle of Moms lists the top 25 Outdoorsy Mom Blogs, that's really all.  I still have a profile up on their page, and they claim to have 6 million readers, so that's pretty cool.

Here is the One Mom in Maine page on Circle of Moms.  I answered some interview questions about being an outdoorsy mom, which you can read if you scroll down.

Moms Run this Town wrote this post about the contest.  Right after voting closed, Pam, the writer of the blog, and I had a very friendly and fun exchange about how stressful the voting was.  Their blog is an excellent running resource and you should all read it.

I also wrote about Mom Guilt and exercise for the Atayne newsletter which you can read here. 
Here is a glimpse: 

Here is a photo of Reed looking Buddah-like, taken on our very windy Mother's Day hike up Parkman Mountain. 

In the meantime:  Ahhhh!  Department Head! Academic Awards Night! Literary Magazine!  Senior Grades!  Committee Meetings!  Senior Banquet!  Retirement parties!  End-of-the year reports!   The Poet Laureate is visiting!  Sparrow Magazine!  MARATHON!

Let's take a moment together:  breathe in.  breathe out.  breathe in.  breathe out. 


maria. said...

when you say that the poet laureate is visiting, do you mean the national poet laureate?? if so, is this just a b.h.s. thing or is it open to the public? and if it is open to the public, when and where?

Emilie said...

Maria... it's the Maine Poet Laureate, Wesley McNair. If you want to come, I can arrange that! Email me!