Monday, May 28, 2012

Skyler's first piano recital

 I have the most fond memories of playing in piano recitals every spring since I was Skyler's age.  I used to get so nervous, but my mom swears that every year I would get on stage and play my pieces the best she'd ever heard them.  She said that I always rose to the occasion.  I guess I liked the pressure?  And maybe the attention?

On the way in to her piano teacher's house, Skyler spotted this butterfly, so we stopped to enjoy the good luck for a minute.

 She looked confident until the room started filling up.  Soon there were 40-50 people there, and she started to get scared.  She came back to check in with us in the back of the room right before it started.  She said:  "I'm nervous.  Like REALLY nervous."  She looked a little pale. 
 I guess she's just like her mom.  She played her 2 pieces better than ever.  I know that you probably have to be related to us by blood to actually watch this video, but here is Skyler's second piece, the duet she played with her teacher.  It makes me cry a little.  So pretty.

 All done!  Proud as can be. 

The recital also totally inspired me to play more myself.  I'm dusting off my old music.


Natalie said...

Not related by blood, but watched the video ... Standing Ovation for that brave little one!!!

Kate said...

I listened to the whole thing-- great performance! :)

(I hope I see Skylar and Reed again soon-- I kind of fell in love with Skylar while coloring, and Reed looks like lots of fun!)

Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable! Nice job, Skyler.

love is written here said...

I watched the whole thing with swelling pride. Oh dear, what can the matter be? Our girls are growing too fast!!! said...

That close-up shot of the butterfly is awesome!