Saturday, May 12, 2012

a week in photos.

You guys? Hi.  I'm kind of drowning at work, so I've been unable to blog as much.  Here are a whole week's worth of photos.  

This week we had Literacy Night at Skyler's school.  First, you buy books at the book fair, then make your way to the classrooms to check out the goings-on.  Here we are waiting in the reading area before going into the classroom.

 Skyler's poem on display in her classroom.  Clearly, my favorite line is "Oh, and the trees!"
 I know exactly how she feels.
 Georgia O'Keefe-inspired water-color flowers.  Did we do cool stuff like that in 1st grade?

Reedo is really into pirates right now.  See below.

Dear Reed.  Stop growing up.  Love Mama.

This week, Skyler fell off the monkey bars and landed (I kid you not) right on her face.  Split lip, chipped tooth, bloody nose, and one of her baby teeth knocked totally loose (it fell out the next day).  I was POSITIVE we were on our way to the ER, but a trip to see our nurse Sandi and a few minutes later, the bleeding stopped and it just swelled up.  She's good now.  Here she is cuddling on Saturday morning.  God, I love this kid.

Big weekend event:  BRIDGING from Daisy Scouts to Brownies.  It's kind of a big deal.

Running report:

I'm tapering for the Sugarloaf Marathon which is (all of a sudden) next weekend.  I have been in a weird place about this upcoming race.  Usually the weeks before a marathon, I am CONSUMED with marathon thoughts and dreams.  This time, I think I'm just so busy that I've hardly thought about it at all.  I had my last long run this morning of 8 miles.  It was such a beautiful day and a beautiful run on the trails.

I do have that marathon taper phenomena where my legs ache like nobody's business.  It's actually a thing that runners talk about... the marathon-taper-leg-ache.  Isn't that weird?  I guess my body is recovering a bit as it rests.

So, yeah.  The marathon is next weekend.  Today on my run I decided not to run with my Garmin during the marathon, simply because when I think about having my Garmin, I feel stressed, and when I think about not having it on, I feel relieved, so I figure I should listen to that.  I will run by feel, and hopefully have a good race, but I'm not gunning for anything other than a good day.  After all, it's 26 point freaking 2 miles.  Right?  Right.  I'm kind of relaxed about the whole thing, which is a nice change.

Today I played piano for a while and it felt so nice to do so.  I used to be pretty good, but I tell you what, when you don't play piano for like 10 years, you forget how to read music, which is really depressing.  I want to get it back.  I have this Bach Inventions book that I used when I studied as a teenager with my piano teacher's handwriting on it.  

When I play this one piece, my hands remember what to do even though it's been so long since I played it really well.  Skyler is working on 2 pieces for her first recital and she was very impressed to hear me play this. 

Thank you, world, for this beautiful 70 degree sunny day.  Hope everyone enjoyed it too.


ann said...

We, Beth and Ann, are impressed with your week, especially the piano part. Beth was cheering and waving as she read about you and Bach!

Skyer is old enough to be flown up????? How did that happen? When did she fall and thank heavens for Sandi. We loved that fierce pirate.

Love to all,

Mom and Ann

Liz said...

Lovely pictures. Good luck for the marathon - tapering is hard, but trust your training!