Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where did we leave off?

 Where have I been?  Hmm.  I was having a busy week at work, and I was starting to get my running motivation back, and let's see... oh right. I finished my 3rd to last graduate class toward my 2nd masters.  That was good!   I did a few runs, but it's taper time for the marathon, so no big deal.  No trips to the emergency vet or anything else exciting. 

Before I go on, it's a dead freaking heat over on the Circle of Moms blog contest.  Voting ends Monday, so could you squeeze in a few more votes?  Thank you!  Okay, now then. 

  Let me catch you up on the goings on around here.    Skyler had her 1st grade singing concert on Thursday.  It was ADORABLE.  And I let her wear lip gloss.  You know how sometimes you look at your kids and you get a tiny glimpse of what they'll look like when they are older?  Hello, grown-up-Skyler.  Oh my gorgeous child.

After the concert, we went to the truck stop for dinner.  Very exciting.

Saturday I ran 11 miles of trail.  It was a totally beautiful run.   I was most proud that I actually and probably for the first time on my own, totally exhausted Jackson.  He was flat out on the patio for the rest of the day.  That dog never gets tired, but apparently 11 miles did the trick.  

Then, Reed had his little girlfriend Cerise over to play.  He LOVES her, and she LOVES him and they hug goodbye every day from school.  It's so ridiculously cute.  We finally got her over for a play date.  She is sassy and full of personality and FUNNY.  Yes, I am in an ALL CAPS kind of a mood. 

Other summery things we did:  We had friends over to eat outside.  Ate watermelon.  Rode bikes.  Made lemonade.   We were thankful for warmth and sunshine.
 We beautified the patio a little. 

Roasted marshmallows while wearing camelbaks.  I don't know why.

 For Saturday night's dinner with friends, I grilled all these vegetables.  Nothing says summer like grill marks on the sweet potatoes.

And now... I'm going to go a little over-the-top enthusiastic about grilled pizzas.  GRILLED PIZZAS!!!  Are you ready?

For dessert on Saturday night, I made a grilled dessert pizza with Nutella and strawberries and blackberries.

I got some raw pizza dough from our local pizza place.  Did you know you can do that?  They sold it to me in a bag and it was super fresh and soft.  It was so easy to stretch it out.  I let the coals burn down after grilling our veggies and burgers and sprayed it with cooking oil. 

Then I flipped it over, spread it with Nutella and then placed the strawberries and blackberries on top. 

For the love of all things holy:  IT WAS SO GOOD.  The dough got all golden and crispy on the bottom, but on the edges where the fire isn't as hot, it was puffy and doughy.  And the Nutella got all melty, and the fruit was perfectly warmed up and sweet. 

You might think it's weird that I'm going on and on about a dessert that I myself made.  But look.  I'm not the only one who went a little crazy for grilled dessert pizza.

God love Suzanne, who loves dessert and chocolate as much as I do, and she was appropriately excited about my Nutella pizza. Our poor friend Andrew.  He arrived late after we had eaten all of the pizza except one piece that we (reluctantly) saved for him.  When he got there, we gave it to him and then stared at him while he ate it and we were like:  OH MY GOD ANDREW ISN'T IT SO GOOD?  IT'S LIKE CHOCOLATE ON A DOUGH BOY.  IT'S GOOD, RIGHT ANDREW?

Yeah, it was good. 

Just think of the variations:  nutella, bananas, grilled peaches, powdered sugar, toasted coconut, peanut butter, okay, I'll stop.

So today, I kept thinking about grilled pizzas.  And my mom came over for dinner tonight, so I did it again, only this time, pizza for dinner (and s'mores for dessert).

I got another hunk of dough from the pizza place.  Let the coals cook down so they aren't too hot.  Throw the dough on the grill after you brush olive oil on it.  Then flip.  Look at that golden crust.

 For this one, I spread pesto on it, then topped it with leftover grilled veggies, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh mozarella. 
 Yes. Yes. Yes.

I declare: grilled pizzas for the rest of the summer. 

Hope everyone's week gets off to a great start!


Hanna said...

Nutella Pizza?! What an awesome idea!! I'm definitely going to try that. Never seen any Finn do that kind of dessert before. Thank's for the cool idea =o)

ltlindian said...

would that be dysarts truck stop?? We stopped there on Saturday to grab some homemade bread and a chocolate cream pie. yum!!

Emilie said...

that's the one! We love Dysart's. :)

love is written here said...

I'm here to pubically support that pizza's amazingness. I had all i could do to not wrestle that last (overly generous piece if I do say) from Andrew.

Mom's Home Run said...

Sure looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing your day with pictures.