Friday, June 15, 2012

and summer begins...

 I'm not totally done with work for the summer yet because I'm teaching summer school and doing some summer projects, but the students are done!  Grades are in!  Books are counted!  Classrooms are being cleaned!  And Skyler is DONE with 1st grade.  Oh my goodness.

She has met her 2nd grade teacher and is very excited because in 2nd grade you get TO SIT IN A DESK.  This is big stuff, people.

Skyler started a journal called "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" and by dinner time (5 hours after summer began) she had written 3 pages.

I got out of a long and busy and stressful day of work at 3 and hopped on my bike for a ride through the most sunshiney, green, breezy day.  Meanwhile, I got a last minute text from Lindsay to join her and my friend Casey at an outdoor kids' concert in Orono at 6.  It would be tight, but I really thought this was the right way to start my kids' summer.

I got home at 5:15, packed some picnic stuff, ordered a pizza to take with us for dinner, hopped in the shower, snatched up the kids, picked up the pizza, and we made it to the concert picnic just in time.  It was a lovely and sun-bathed scene of happy kids and folk music.  I mean, please.  

with Lindsay.
Lindsay and Leah

congo line
 kids dancing to Miss Julie and her band.
my new friend Suz with her daughter Georgianna.

Casey with her blondies Jake and Reese.

I'd say this set the tone for an awesome summer.


rita goforth said...

Emilie, so lovely to see your beautiful self as you age, so gloriously! Hello to Sam and your darling children, Skylar and Reed. Just spent a wonderful summer day in Nashville at Centennial Park near Vanderbilt U soaking up artists and craftspeople's wares, then scoping out houses to buy, and eating dinner with my fingers and that pancake bread at Gojo's Ethiopian Cafe on Thompson Lane in Nashville. Es todo bueno or however you'd say that in Arabic. Take care, dear girl. I'll write a real letter soon. P.S. Read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.

Nancy said...

Emilie you're killing me! Mom was freaking out because we HAD to take the kids to that concert but Alan and I had yoga and Mum & Dad were in Hancock so the timing just didn't work and I was like, Yes, we'd love to go but No, we can't and OH THE DRAMA THAT ENSUED!!! And now I'm extra sorry we missed it since you all were there. *sigh*