Saturday, June 2, 2012

early birds

 My friend Suzanne is the master of finding time to exercise even though most normal people would claim there is just not time for it in her life.  Her partner Sandi is in a super-intense graduate program to become a nurse anesthetist and needs to leave early every morning.  Suzanne is in charge of their two kids and the household and her job and all the other millions of things that she does, but because she knows it's key to her sanity, and because she's just a really high-energy person, she always finds time to get her workouts in, often starting at a very early hour.  When I talked to her Friday night, (checking in on her because she had influenza all week), she said she was better and was heading out for a bike ride in the morning.  Oh good, I thought.  I wanted to ride tomorrow morning too... what time?  5:15 because she needed to be home by 7:30.  Okay then!

I wouldn't have done it without her, but I was so glad I did.  First of all, I was up and out well before anyone was awake, which I love.  Second of all, there were NO cars on the roads, so we could actually ride side-by-side and talk even on the normally busy roads, and THIRD of all, the sun got higher in the sky as we rode, the grassy meadows on our route were highlighted by the rising sun, and it was just plain gorgeous and happiness inducing.

Because it's going to rain for the next several days, I felt like I was storing up the sun for the rest of the week, and I always feel victorious when I get in a big bike ride or long run so early, like I'm cheating time.  Home by 7 am in time to make french toast for the just-waking-up kids.  Victory.

Thanks to my neighbor Donna who we found walking her dog just in time to take our photo.  Thanks, Donna!


Speaking of Suzanne, I've been meaning to share this blog post that she wrote for weeks. Hers is a blog you should read, and this post especially about what it means to be a family took my breath away. It's brave, honest, and incredibly written. You won't be sorry if you take the time to read it... then go ahead and follow her blog from now on.


love is written here said...

God love you. And so do I. So so much. The difficulty of this year with Sandi gone has been (even though I surround myself with people often) the lonliness. I find it so comforting to connect with the people I love deeply, the ones that make life so I can breathe a little more easily. Thanks for that time with you this morning. And to do it on a bike ride? Heaven.

Thanks for the words about my family post. You are too kind.


P.S. How lucky are we to be able to choose some of who we want to be our "family?"