Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have bike-short tanlines and other weekend fun.

I started off my Saturday with an early bike ride with another new biking friend, Emily.   We set out for a 17 mile loop and half way in, Emily's chain came off and then her derailer jammed.  Sidelined out in the middle of nowhere!  Poor Em.  She tried to fix it but it wasn't fixable.  She called her husband to rescue her and I rode on alone.

 The best thing that came out of Emily's bike disaster is that I found out very quickly that my new friend and I share an inner potty mouth.  If you'll get up early to bike with me and you like to swear, I'll love you instantly. 

There are just so many pretty rural areas to bike around here, and I've been loving getting out further and further on my bike.  It pretty much looks like this:  farms, barns, hip-high grasses in the wind, cows, horses, tractors.

 On one road I ride on often, there is a big sign that says "HAY" and I always wave and shout "HEY!"  Cracks me up every time. 

I went out again today for another 20 miles with some killer hills.  I really feel like I'm getting stronger on my bike.  I feel good.   And the only thing hotter than tan lines from bike shorts is tan lines from bike socks.  I've got those, too.

Next up for the day:  Moose Point State Park with my babies.
This was a new destination for me, but Skyler's entire first grade came here on a field trip recently so it was her idea to take us there.  I love how she took charge and showed us around. 

We picnicked on the rocks and we even spotted dolphins swimming in the ocean.  The kids happily explored caves, collected rocks and shells, and we hiked on a very pretty seaside trail through the woods that led us to this giant spruce.

And, the annual summer hair cut, before and after.  I took him to the pros to get it done because last year I did it myself and Reed said that I was "horrible" at it.  I guess I pulled his hair too much and it hurt.  
 The consensus on his hair:  My mom hates it. I absolutely love it.  Sorry, Mom.
He's ready for more summer fun!


Emily Robinson said...

I made the f-ing blog!! xoxo

Emilie said...

right on cue, Em! xoxo