Tuesday, June 12, 2012

lemonade, cookies, and dog treats.

On Sunday, Skyler and Reed asked if they could have a lemonade stand. They have been asking me a lot lately, almost daily, usually at inopportune moments like when we're heading upstairs for a bath and bedtime, so when they had the idea at a reasonable part of the morning, I said YES. We ran to the store and got lemonade and ingredients for cookies.

We quickly whipped up some cookies and a pitcher of lemonade.  Skyler made a sign.  Reed didn't exactly help, but he ran around in circles yelling YAY YAY YAY LEMONADE!  When the cookies came out of the oven, Reed ate a whole bunch, and then ran around some more.  Soon, Reed had abandoned his post and set to work making a bow and arrow.

Skyler sat.  She sat and she sat and she sat.  She looked up and down our quiet, dead-end street.  The crickets chirped.

Some neighbors walked by, but they had their dogs and no money on them.  A few people said they'd come back later.   She went in and added a box of Iams dog treats to the table.  25 cents each, she declared.

Skyler started looking up at me with longing eyes.  What if no one comes?

So I did some quick thinking, posted the sale on facebook, and mentioned that my kids' hearts were going to break if no one came. No pressure, friends.

 God bless our friend Rachel who lives like 15 minutes away who posted:  "I'm leaving in 5."

And she did!  Hooray for Rachel! 

Meanwhile, a few neighbors came by and bought cookies and lemonade.  They didn't have a choice, because Reed would thrust a cookie in each hand of anyone who walked by.  Pretty soon, the cookies were sold out.

I just sat on the patio and watched while people came by. Other friends answered the facebook call to save my children from broken hearts, Kim, Dean, Tori,  Irv, Lindsay, Ashley, plus my mom and all the neighbors on our street.  Skyler sold 3 pitchers of lemonade and said she was "exhausted."

Thirteen dollars and change later, totally worth the efforts.  Thank you everyone!  I can't promise you there won't be another lemonade, cookie, and dog treat sale next weekend, so stash your quarters in your pockets. 


Jen said...

Your kids are so freakin' adorable! I'm happy your fb announcement got some buyers!

Nitsirk said...

That's awesome. I remember having lemonade stands as a kid and I never sold a single cup. I make a point to buy some from every stand I see now.