Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's Thursday morning and I have for you the most unrelated assortment of photos and stories. If you were to tie them all together with one thread, that thread would be: little things that make me happy.

A fresh, summer meal:   Grilled asparagus, portobellos and sweet potatoes; Panzanella Salad; and arugula salad with goat cheese and peaches. 

A tiny love note in a tiny hand-made envelope from Skyler.
Peonies from Suzanne's garden.  I can't get enough of them. 

the simplest things in life are... actually surprisingly expensive.  $3.00 for a popsicle? 

And 2 tiny stories:

1.  Reed's school had a field trip planned to the beach at Lamoine State Park yesterday and it rained all day.  When I picked him up I assumed he'd say it was canceled, but indeed they went anyway.  He said they ate lunch on picnic blankets on the beach.  "In the rain?"  I asked.  "Yes, and the only problem is that my cheese got wet."  Other than that, he had a great time.  Love that attitude.

2.  My friend Suzanne sent me an email this week that said she had taken care of the gift for our daughters' 1st grade teacher and I just needed to give her money and sign the card.  I was so beyond thrilled to have someone take care of this, as it had been nagging at me that I needed to figure out what to do, but I've been so busy!  I read Suzanne's email in the middle of the night during a wakeful stretch, and felt so much gratitude to her for being that kind of friend who just takes care of things and tells me where to sign, that I replied in my bleary-eyed state:  "May God bless your soul."

In the morning, I laughed outloud when I read her reply, which was.  "Easy.  It's a gift card."

I'm back from an early-bird run with Jenn, my other new early-bird friend.  I love when I text a friend to say:  "Wanna run at 5:15?"  And she's like "Well, I have to be at the gym at 5:45, but I could go if we leave at 5:00"  That's my kind of girl. 

It's a beautiful day!  Get out there!


Jen said...

Gotta love supportive am running buds! & jeez, $3 for a popsicle? That's craziness.

love is written here said...

So glad you like the peonies!! And I love your over the top moments! And as we discussed, who can't stand to have their soul blessed!!

P.S. the ice cream truck IS highway robbery....

SNW said...

I love those early morning friends! I always return feeling so good and productive and grateful. Then I luxuriate in breakfast for way too long. (That ice cream truck photo is such a keeper! Just perfect.)