Saturday, June 9, 2012

shots from a sun-filled day.

We finally got a beautiful sunny day after a week straight of rainy weather. I soaked it up.

I started my Saturday (again) with a 4:30 wake up and a 5:15 start to my bike ride with Suzanne. There are about 1 million things I love about my friend Suzanne. Three of those things are that she shows up at 5:15 on a Saturday morning as bright and cheerful as the summer sun itself; on our bike ride, she shouts things like: "your legs look so long and strong from back here!"; we spent at least 20 minutes of our ride swapping green smoothie and protein shake recipes. You just can't beat her.

taken after 29 hilly miles.

Suz leaving me at my house and heading the 2 more miles to hers. 

please explain how I got bike grease on the OUTSIDE of my leg?
By 8:30 I was showered and ready for a day with my kiddos.  We packed up and had a spontaneous trip and picnic lunch at Echo Lake. The kids played happily in the water while I stretched and rested on the beach.  On our way home at 1:30, I drank a much-needed large, strong coffee since I'd had such an early start. 

The kids played checkers on the iPad and I sang along to the new Brandi Carlile. 

Totally unrelated, but these are some beautiful peonies on my table.
Tomorrow:  A local 5K in the morning and more sunshine in the forecast.

 Happy summer weekend to everyone!


ltlindian said...

I love echo lake! Such memories from when I was a kid and would go there.... <3 It was a beautiful day. Finally.

Nancy said...

And why exactly do your ankles appear to be the property of the Maine Division of Student Affairs?!?

Emilie said...

HAHAHA! Because I got free socks from a UMaine triathlon? xo