Sunday, June 24, 2012

training report

Don't tell running, but I think I'm in love with biking.  I'm really enjoying the variety of the training for the 70.3.

I had three great rides this week, all of them very different, and all beautiful.  I feel like my body gets a great workout without hurting, and I don't have to force myself out the door for a bike ride like I sometimes have to do for a long run.  Whereas most of the time, I think that running is all work and no fun, biking is lots of work, but lots of fun, and all of the hard work has a pay off, every up has a down. 

Suz and I did another early bike ride on Saturday.  This time, 31 miles at 5 am.  AND, I had ridden 24 miles the night before, so I was feeling kind of worked.  Especially in one particular area.  Yes, that area.

Here we are out in the willy wacks at 6:30 in the morning when we stopped to check my phone for directions when a street sign was askew.  Our bike ride included lots of beautiful country roads, deer, a chipmunk, a luna moth, many tractors and red barns.  Also, love, laughter, and swearing. 

 We were home by 7 am and I had time for 2 cups of coffee before the kids woke up.  Winning!

I had a pretty solid training week, though I'm still not doing all that I'm supposed to do.  I did finally go to my first swim practice with the local masters swim team.  I hadn't been in a pool in a YEAR and I was pleasantly surprised how great it felt to be in the water, and I was able to hold my own with the other swimmers. They workout at 5:45, which I love, and a few of the guys there are friends of mine.  It was awesome.  I'm going again tomorrow. 

Let's compare the plan with my reality:

SWIM:  The plan for this week said:  3 swims at 1000 yards each
Reality:  I did one swim at 2100 yards (so that's kind of like 2 swims, right?)

BIKE:  The plan said 3 rides at 20, 20, and 30 miles
Reality:  I rode 10 miles, 24 miles and 31.5 miles

RUN:  The plan said to run 30 minutes, 40 minutes and 50 minutes
Reality:  I did 2 runs, 3 miles and 4 miles, so I guess I missed the 50 minute run

I'm getting there!  I'm going to try to get in 3 swims this week while keeping up with the bikes and runs. 

Parting shots:  Skyler and Reed with sparklers from our night with the Carvers on Saturday.