Monday, June 11, 2012

training week.

Sunday morning, 3 students of mine put on a 5K in Bangor called:  Making A "Well" Of A Difference.   All proceeds of the 5K went towards the construction of a well in Gros Morne, Haiti for safe drinking water and therefore saved lives.  I was so happy for them that the day was beautiful and the turnout was good.  They raised $1600.

I met up with some students, old and current.

loving rachel.
triplets in Nike tanks.  "we're sponsored," we told people.
I also met two blog readers, Louise and Jeanne.  So nice to meet you both!

The race was sunny, hilly, and mostly uneventful.  Several students were running or helping, so that was fun for me.  Because I biked to the race and back, I knew I wouldn't be very speedy (all relative, of course).  I finished in 28 something and my splits were:  9:09, 9:09 and 9:09.  I'm nothing if not consistent.

In order to train for the Half Ironman Triathlon in September, I'm supposed to be doing 9 workouts a week:  3 swims, 3 rides, and 3 runs.  Let me be the first to point out to you that there are not 9 days in a week.  That means, in order to get a rest day, there needs to be 3 days of doubling up on workouts.  Let me also remind you that I have a job and a family, so I knew I would be doing some adapting of the schedule.  My goals for a triathlon of this distance are simply to finish and not to die (in that order).

This week, considering how busy I was with work and end-of-the-year stuff, felt like a solid week of training to me. I had to be creative, but I got in a Monday evening trip to the gym for weights; a 5 am run on Thursday; an un-timed, beautiful trail run in the rain on Friday evening; 29 miles on my bike early Saturday morning; and a 5K which I biked to and from on Sunday.

My legs feel worked and tired in the best possible way, but I still have a long way to go to get up to speed.  Clearly, I haven't been in the pool yet.  That should happen in the next week or two and once school is out, I can swim regularly.  I bought a wetsuit that should be here soon for open water training. 

If nothing else, training for this race will be a challenge and an adventure.  I kind of like both of those things.

Happy Monday morning!!!


julandmatt said...

Hi, I can't remember how I found you blog but I read through several of the posts and thought.... I wonder what you're going to read this summer? What's on your reading list?

Umm....after you're done running and biking and raising a family...;)


julandmatt said...

Oppps I forgot to proofread....LOL!

Anne said...

I started reading your blog a few weeks ago - and I can really relate. I'm also doing pumpkin man ( my first at that distance) and I have similar goals (finish before the cutoff and not die). I hope I can meet you there!

Emilie said...

Anne! Email me! I'd love to compare notes and touch base.