Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend scenes

mommy loving from Skyler.

The boys.  Reed is getting as tall as a bean.  Every day I think he looks an inch taller.
Sunday morning I took Jackson on a trail run in the rain.  He gets so excited on the way to the trails and always has this same expression, which to me says:  "I might not be that smart, but I am very happy."  6ish beautiful miles in the rain, but protected by the trees over head.  I came home happy and tired with 18 (yep, counted) mosquito bites on my legs.

Sunday afternoon we graduated another batch of seniors.  These are 3 of my superstars.  It makes me sad every year to send them away.  I don't know that man behind us, but he looks proud too.

It's Monday morning! Off to the races. Please send some sunshine up to Maine if you can; we're looking at many rainy days ahead.

2 comments: said...

Stumbled onto your blog today via Sparrow. Just wanted to say hello, from another Maine Mumma!

SNW said...

I would do anything to give you this 90 degree Boulder weather! I'm melting..