Monday, July 23, 2012

a fine Maine day.

Monday morning.  It's 7:45 am, I've been back from my run for over an hour, had 2 cups of coffee, and my kids are still asleep.  This is a good way to start a week.

Last week, Suzanne invited us out to Schoodic Lake for the day.    This is summer in Maine at its finest, and here is a glimpse in photos:

Reed and Skyler out on a cruise.

7 kids.  1 fish.

Sandi's dad took all of us out in the boat to catch turtles  (of course, we released them later).

And off we go, over the blueberry barrens.  So beautiful.


Kate said...

I love that last pic...wind in hair :)

Jen said...

Tucker said "I'm so jealous - I want to go there and catch turtles"!