Tuesday, July 17, 2012

if at first you don't succeed, try, try (and then try) again.

At the local pool that we frequent, kids can't go off the diving board until they pass the deep water test. Skyler spends hours going off the diving board. ALL REED WANTED TO DO WAS GO OFF THE DIVING BOARD. That's all. That's all he wanted.

 For the swim test, you must swim two lengths freestyle, one length back stroke and then tread water for 2 minutes. Reed is a great little swimmer, but the rules for the swim test are tough!

Try #1: Reed swam the two lengths no problem, but he didn't get his arms out of the water enough. He failed. He cried and cried. We gave him a popsicle.

The rule is you must wait one week between testing. Let me remind you how long a week is when you are 5.

Try #2: Reed swam the two lengths and the backstroke, but when the lifeguard asked him how he was feeling he said: "Tired. So tired." He failed. He cried. We gave him a popsicle.

 Try #3: Reed swam the two lengths freestyle and the backstroke! This looked promising! The lifeguard asked him to start treading water. He sank. I don't think anyone remembered to teach him how to tread, because we were so anxious about the swimming part.  We gave him a popsicle.

Try #4: He swam the freestyle:

And the backstroke: ( a little crooked. Okay, diagonal.)

And he treaded. Suzanne and the girls were there, plus Skyler, so by the time he got to the treading part, there were five of us screaming: "GO REED! TREAD! DON'T TOUCH THE WALL!!"

When the lifeguard said, "Okay Reed, you passed!" we were all so excited that we hooted and hollered and I picked him out of the water by his hands. He was so tired! His little heart was pounding, and he said over and over: "I passed? I passed?" There was a group of other parents looking at us quizzically. I said: "He failed it 3 times! And then he passed!" And they were like, "oh... okay, Hooray!  WOO HOOO!!!!!"

And he spent the next 2 hours (after a victory Popsicle, of course) going off the diving board. This was his first time, and a jump. After that, he dove! I have a video montage coming, but of course.

Later, an older woman who had been watching him for the whole afternoon said: "You have a young olympian in the making."

(shhhh.... I know.)


Emily Robinson said...

Gee thanks...crying!!! I love a kid that won't give up...and I love a happy ending!!!

Ayesha B said...

Wow Em!

Congratulations Reed! The girl needs to pass the treading part too. I think we'll practice together after aquarobics. The kids are getting so big. Love the updates. Happy summer

Rene' said...

My 5 year old daughter passed this year too. Our test is not as rigorous. (no treading), but when she passed the smile that came across her face with be with me forever. What was great is when she got out all of the Mom's gave her a standing ovation.
Gongrats Reed! May your summer be filled with diving boards!

SNW said...

Oooh, I can't wait for the video! :)

Rowgirl said...

oh awesome! and that smile on his face on the diving board!! Yay Reedo!!

Katie said...

wow, love that happy face!

Lisa said...

I've watched the video now... Can't even count. So can't wait for my skyler and reed time. God, they've grown so much in a year! Amazing stuff there in your summer