Sunday, July 15, 2012

lost iphone, lady gaga, and zen dragonfly catching

Of all my workouts this week, there are three that deserve mention.  Wednesday morning, I had to leave my house at 8:00 am for my course at the university.  How do you get two workouts in before 7:15?  Ride your bike to masters swim and then ride home.  16 miles and 2000 yards and still time to shower.  I was proud of that one.

Saturday's bike ride:  I waited until the evening because it was so hot, rode my 20 miles, made it home just seconds before the sky opened up with a thunderstorm, and then once in my garage, realized the zipper was undone on the pack that sits under my seat.  My iPhone was gone.

I grabbed the keys and hopped in the car and drove the 20 mile route.  No luck.  I was sure it fell off in such a way that it got run over by a truck and was a goner.  I spent the entire drive assuring myself that I actually did buy insurance for that thing when I bought it.  I did, right?

When I got home, I grabbed Sam's cell phone and set off on foot thinking if I kept calling it, I would hear it ring and eventually find it.  Lo and behold, before I made it to the end of my street, a kind old man answered my phone!  He said:  "I found your phone!  I was riding my bike and picked it up on the road!"  (about a mile from my house).  He gave me his address and I drove right over.  God bless people.  He said he was going to bring it to the police station if he didn't hear from me. All's well that ends well.

This morning, I went to City Forest with Jackson for a trail run.  I cannot overstate how bad the bugs were.  There were dive-bombing deer flies, if that's what they are, I don't know.  They bite.  They suck.  Of course, I was running in shorts and a sports bra, just for, you know, maximum sweaty flesh exposure for those skin-loving fuckers.  I got so many bites on my neck and back.  It was hellish.  I imagined that to those hungry bugs, I looked  Lady Gaga in a meat dress running through the woods. 

When I made it back to the parking lot, I saw another woman heading out for a run.  I said:  "Oh my god, you need some bug spray."  She said:  "I know.  And Oh my god, you have so many bites on your neck."  And then... "Oh my god, you have a ton of those flies in your hair."

At that point, I doused myself in bug spray, and I didn't care; it was the strong stuff.  If you are going to run City Forest in the next little while, deet is your best friend.    I put it all over my body and went 2 more miles before I called it a day.  I'm still itching just thinking about it.

You're itching too, aren't you.  In that spot on your back that you can't quite reach.  I know.

This afternoon we went swimming at Fields Pond, and Skyler got all zen-like and sat still long enough for a dragonfly to land on her hand.
Then she got so good at it that all the other kids on the beach wanted to know her secret.  She was saying:  "Shhh.  You have to be very still and very quiet. Now, just hold out your hand and wait."

Soon, all the kids were doing this...

And even Reed sat still and quiet enough to hold one for a while.  He said it was the "awesomest thing of his life."

This week's lessons:  zip your bike pack, pack your deet, and encourage bug-catching mediation for a relaxing day at the beach.

I know you all knew I was training for the Pumpkinman Half Iron Triathlon, right? But I was secretly waiting to do some of the training before I totally committed.  This week, I REGISTERED!  I'm really going to do it.  AND, I'm going to finish smiling.  You watch.

Have a good week.  xo


rowgirl said...

What an amazing girl....dragonfly catching, beautiful.

Now for those nasty deer flies: white top, white hat. The bug spray just doesn't do anything. We live on a VT dirt road and pretty much deal with them from July through mid-august. I will admit my tolerance for them has been upped after 7 years, but the advice to wear white is pretty much the best I've gotten over those years.

Emily Robinson said...

Yet another great post. There are still decent people in the world, ugh to the bugs, and Skylar..."presh" (which is how the 18 year old would say precious)

Emilie said...

white top and white hat??? that is so easy! I can do that! Thanks, rowgirl! :)

Em... I know. I'm going to bake him cookies for returning my phone. :)