Thursday, July 26, 2012


My friends Matt and Ange invited us out to their awesome camp on Moxie Lake.  This is in a part of Maine I hadn't ventured in before, about 2 hours southwest of where I live, and Suzanne drove us all there.

I swear to you it is not by design that I have these amazing friends who also happen to have houses on lakes.  

What I needed in my life was a day with my best friends, cool breezes, happy kids, wholesome food, fresh water, a dock to do some yoga on, a fire to warm up by, and a friend to drive me all the way there and back, all the while belting out Brandi Carlile songs with me.  I got it all. 

And, as if that wasn't enough, a hike into Moxie falls, the biggest waterfall in Maine. 

 So pretty.

Suzanne had to drag me away from Moxie Lake.  I didn't want to go, and neither did the kids.  The air was so crisp out there and everything smelled good. 

Love these girls.  Love them.  


M. Louise Cunningham said...

Wow.. you were in my home neck of the woods! :)