Sunday, July 1, 2012

squeezing it all in.

I trained so hard this week that the Log Your Run weekly report couldn't fit all my workouts over there on the sidebar.  Now that's something!  

I was able to squeeze in three morning swims with the masters group, two bike rides, 20 and 41 milers, and two trail runs, one 3.6 and one 8 miles (actually 6 miles of running and 2 miles of walking), AND I worked 4 days last week.   My Saturday bike ride with Suzanne was my longest road ride yet, and felt very satisfying.  We left at (good God) 4:50 am and rode through 10 towns.  Except for a sore neck and shoulders, I felt great the whole way. 

my faithful trail running buddy.
I feel both tired and energized by this training.  I have bug bites all over me, funny criss-crossing tan lines, and an almost permanent bike grease stain on my leg.  I ran through rumbling thunder, dive-bombing deer flies, and was told by a family of bikers to "run the other way on the trail because there is a bear up ahead."  

After my 8 miles of trail this morning, Jackson slept the whole way home.  He NEVER does that.  I was very proud.  

The swimming in the morning is going very well for me.  The workout consists of 3 main sets, and the folks there are great about mixing it up to make it fun.  We do kick sets and IM sets and of course lots of freestyle sets.  2000 yards and 45 minutes goes by in a blink.  I swear. Then I get out of the pool and move on with the rest of my day feeling energized and tingly. 

Saturday I tried out my wetsuit for the first time in Swan Lake.  I didn't swim far, just tested it out, but I loved how it felt.  If you've swum in a wetsuit before, this is stating the obvious, but it is so very buoyant!  It feels awesome. 

All the early morning wake ups are catching up to me.  On Saturday late morning I got really sleepy, and I told the kids I'd be with them after I closed my eyes for 10 minutes.   They agreed, got the kitchen timer, set it for 10 minutes, and then sat on the coffee table swinging their legs and staring at me.  How very relaxing!  I looked up at them and thought:  who are you little short people who are ruling over my life?

The kids are indeed happy to be free for the summer, and in every other nook and cranny of my time, I did summer with my kids, which looks like this:

Tomorrow I'm giving myself the gift of not setting an alarm for the first time this summer.  No swim, no early bike or run... just going to ease into it.   Enjoy the start to your week! 


Jen said...

You are really logging some serious miles in. You go momma! Looks like you are starting off summer fabulously!

Kirsten said...

Amazing schedule! And bears! Oh my god!
Here's something I noticed: Reed's Spiderman sandals-Target, circa last summerr? He loves them, right? They're kind of too short for growing toes this summer, right? But they are like his favorite shoes? Yeah, I know about those Spiderman sandals. My boys walk around town with their toes pushing over the fronts. :-)