Tuesday, July 10, 2012

surfing and dock jumping.

Last week at Schoodic Lake, Sandi and Suzanne's camp, and one of my favorite places in the world, Skyler mastered the skill of standing on this little wake board.  I see a mother-daughter surf trip in our future.

She also joined in on our now-annual tradition of dock jumping and frisbee catching.  The arch of her foot and the kick-back of her leg in this photo is about the cutest thing ever;  I'm sure you all agree.

But she needs to get a little more air, a little more sass.  Here, kid.  Let mommy and Suzanne (whom Skyler refers to as her "second mom") show you how it's done.

First you flex your muscles and trash talk and tell your best friend to move-out-the-way.  I'm not sure how this came about, but it's kind of a thing we do. 

 I would add that being able to dock-jump with flip-flops on is one of my finer talents.

I'm doing the opposite of dock-jumping today:  sitting in a classroom, which by the way, I'm very happy to do.  I'm having an awesome week as a fellow in the Maine Writing Project. 


Emily McGee said...

Mmm...your photos are gorgeous and everyone looks like they are having so much fun. I miss summer in Maine!

Freedom Five said...

great pics of ya'll jumping! Powerful legs :-)