Tuesday, July 24, 2012

taming the beast

Skyler wanted to grow her hair long.  She always does.  But when it starts to grow, especially in the summer, I can't get a comb through it.  She spends so much time in chlorine, that even a freshly conditioned head does not cooperate with the brush.  Suddenly, without me really realizing it, Skyler was walking around town looking like medusa because she did not see the point of enduring pain and torture to brush her hair.  She was suddenly one of those kids I would have looked at before I was a mom and thought:  "good grief... I would never let a child of mine out of the house looking like that."

Even though I've said:  "If you don't let me brush your hair, we're going to have to cut it" 1,000 times, yesterday when I said it, Skyler said:  "Okay fine.  Let's cut it today."  Done and done. 

When all that tangled hair fell to the floor, I shouted:  "THERE SHE IS!!!"


M. Louise Cunningham said...

Emily, she is so beautiful! What great kids you have!