Saturday, July 7, 2012

the view from here.

This is where I was last week, and where I'd rather be:

And this is where I am today:
Working on my Teaching Demo for the Maine Writing Project.  I present on Monday.  I'm making myself get most of it done before I go for a bike ride.  Meanwhile, it's getting hotter and hotter out there...


Kim Oldenburgh said...

You'll do great-wish I could be a participant! I'm going to send you a bike ride loop you might want to try out. It's one of my favorites, I just need to create it for you on Ridedog and I'll send it to you on FB. It's 50ish miles, but it's a relatively easy ride (especially if you check the wind direction and keep the wind at your back on route 2). And it's a pretty ride along the river on both roads. The best part is, they just tarred route 116 and it's wonderful! I plan on doing it tomorrow.