Sunday, July 8, 2012

water water everywhere.

Another week done!  Sort of!

I'm doing the best I can do with training while maintaining other duties, you know, like children and grad school.
This is kind of how I'm approaching the Half Ironman.

 I am still 2 workouts short for the week, and lacking in the long runs for sure.  It was warm this week, and I just can't get out there in the hot sun to run.   Again, I'm loving the swimming and the biking, but that half marathon at the end of the race is going to kill me if I don't up my running miles.  Did I tell you that the half ironman distance scares the hell out of me?  I did?  Oh good.  It does.

I did get in an open-water swim this week, special thanks to my girl Sandi who kayaked next to me.   I just love swimming in a wetsuit.  I wish I had a lake to swim in every day.

Here are some photos from the rest of our week.  The theme of the week is WATER.

like a villain. 

surf, girl, surf!

my beautiful friend Ange with her beautiful baby Beckett.
sunbathing with our Ashley (former student and adopted daughter for the week/ superhero to my kids)

where do you want to be on a 95 degree day?  Right here.

you know, just wearing Ashley's sunglasses

into fresh clothes after a day at Swan Lake


stop growing.  stop changing.

that's my mama. 

And at the end of these watery days, we collapse in an embrace with the dog.

Big week for me at the Maine Writing Project all week!  5 days in the classroom from 8:30-4.  Training should be interesting.  Happy Sunday night, everyone!


Anne said...

I'm jealous of the swimming and biking. I think I am getting in barely enough not to outright die. :)