Friday, August 3, 2012

Maggie's CFC

You may recall that I have hosted the Clean Food Challenge (CFC) several times in the last few years.  I'm not hosting/ organizing this time, but my friend Maggie Ellis is, and as a part of her CFC package, she recorded an interview with me about how to successfully participate in the challenge while balancing a family and all the other business of my active life. 

Maggie, a holistic health coach, is hosting her own Clean Food Challenge: 5 days of clean eating for increased energy and vitality.  I encourage you to join Maggie for the week of clean eating, and even if you aren't ready to do it next week, just sign up on her website and benefit from her informative emails, interviews, and meal-planning tips. 

What does eating clean mean? Clean eating means consuming only fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, beans, organic meat and lots of water. It means no sugar, no dairy, no processed foods, no gluten, no alcohol and limited caffeine. (Don't worry, you still get our morning cup of coffee).

If you've been treating yourself to a lot of junk food this summer - ice cream, chips, beers… then reboot your system with the Clean Food Challenge. If you've been feeling sluggish or kinda blah, then you will totally love the way you feel with 5 days of clean eating.

With the Clean Food Challenge you will:
·      End sugar cravings
·      Clear your brain fog
·      Stop dragging yourself out of bed in the morning
·      Be in a better mood
·      Enjoy better digestion

Maggie's Clean Food Challenge is free to join and everyone is welcome - even if you think you can only do it for a few days!  I challenge you to try to complete the five days so you can remember how good it feels when cut out the junk from your diet. 

The challenge officially starts Sunday, August 5th (prep day) and then we'll eat clean August 6-10th.

All you have to do is enter your email address and name (right side of the screen). You'll get an email with the details of the challenge and get 3 free bonus interviews with CFC experts. (Maggie is referring to me as an expert, and I'll just go with that.)

·      5 Secrets to ending sugar cravings with Maggie Ellis (the CFC hostess)
·      How to Survive the CFC with a Family with Emilie Manhart (Me!)
·      Meal Planning Tips and Tricks with Tammi Hoerner (The Queen of Meal Planning)

If you are looking for more structure and support for better results, check out the Clean Food Challenge Success Package:
·      Done-for-you meal plans for 5 days of clean eating
·      Easy-to-make clean food recipes
·      CFC workbook to track water intake, food, energy, digestion, weight & mood
·      CFC Sugar Craving Breakthrough Session with Maggie Ellis after the challenge

This is going to be fun, and I can guarantee that you will find new energy when you are mindful about your eating, even for just 5 days.