Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scenes from the lake and training up north.

 I'm so lucky to have both a week with my family in such an amazing spot, and an opportunity to get one more solid week of triathlon training in before the craziness of back-to-school begins.  And with Moosehead Lake and Mt. Kineo as the backdrop to our days here? It's crazy pretty.

The kids, ages 5 through 11, are a great team, and have grown into a tight little unit of adventure and mischief.   They have been playing so happily together, and most of their time is spent connecting the kayak to the floating turtle to the raft and then traveling about.  It's a serious flotilla. 

Reed convinced the guy at the neighboring house to teach him how to fish.  It was amazing how patiently he waited and waited and waited.  I prayed to the Dear Lord to please let Reed catch a fish.

The Lord answered with a tiny medium huge yellow perch. 
Skyler and Cam around the fire
My brother Chris with Reedo.

Writing about triathlon training makes me feel normal, so here I go.

We've had pancakes and bacon, beers and happy hour every evening, and desserts every night.  Good thing I'm burning some calories.  Here's what I've gotten in so far this week:

I got to ride with my sister.  When do I ever get to ride with my sister?  Never.
The road we are staying on is the only road to ride.  You either head north or south.  I wanted to ride 40 miles, so the plan was to ride north for 10 and then 10 back to the house, and then I would ride the 20ish miles south to Greenville to meet everyone for ice cream.  First, Liesel and had 20 miles on roads that look like this.  How lucky are we?
And then I suffered through some very rough and bumpy torn-up road for my last 20, but made it safely to the center of Greenville, parked my bike in the middle of town, and then...
What do you know?  40.0.  The precise German in me was quite pleased.

I've had one hot/ dehydrated 6.7 mile run that kind of sucked.  Except for the part when I ripped off my shoes, shirt, and garmin and plunged right into the cold lake. Oh, yeah.

Today I rode another 20 miles on my bike; it looks like this the whole way.

Today I also did my second 1.2 mile swim out in the lake.  This time I kind of knew what to expect about the distance, so it felt much better.  Chris and Reed escorted me in the double kayak, and using my Garmin, held up fingers to tell me how many tenths of a mile I'd gone.  Reed was so cute, holding his fingers up high, and he wouldn't put them down until I shouted:  "Thanks, Buddy!"
I always breathe to my right, so I keep the kayak on my right and every time I breathed today, I saw the bright yellow kayak popping against the dark sky with my brother in the back and my son in the front and dramatic clouds in the sky.  It's just the coolest thing.

So, I'm getting the workouts done, but still.  Putting it all together into a 70.3 mile race?  Totally overwhelming.

Meanwhile, I'll focus on the happy hours and desserts.  Wish you all were here!


Jen said...

Seems to me like you are having quite the time! Great job getting in the training while hanging with your family.

suzannek said...

The photo with the boat, the clouds, and the reflection of the clouds in the lake is RUH-diculous. I love your photos!

rowgirl08 said...

You can put them all together, especially with that love all behind you!

SNW said...

YES, I miss plunging into Maine waters after summer runs! Good motivation. Can you believe Mares and I kayaked 13 miles from Lily Bay to Mt Kineo, hiked up it, and kayaked 13 miles back-- two summers in a row? That is one wild lake!

M. Louise Cunningham said...

Glad to hear you're having a wonderful time. Youre going to ROCK that race! Can't wait to hear all about it.. :)

Brooke said...

you are becoming quite the photographer!

Kirsten said...

Beautiful pictures. 70 miles sounds long. You're neat.