Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black Bear Attack 5K

On days that I'm not with my kids, I've adopted a strategy of doing as much as I can possibly do for myself.  I go to an amazing yoga class that I could never go to before, I have my girls over for wine, I work out, and drive to beautiful places for the day.  

When my friend Jen told me she was running in the Black Bear Attack at University of Maine, and I had the morning free, it was the obvious choice to join her.  The race was one of those obstacle course mud runs, a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation.

When you have a rainy morning without your children, you should definitely say yes to rolling around in the mud.  I think I read that in a self-help book once.

 That's me on the left trying to intimidate the UMaine black bear with a stare-down. 

 I spy Suzanne and her girls hooting and hollering. 

The race was mostly a trail run, but included obstacles like crawling through mud, jumping over hurdles, running through a waist-deep swampy pond, climbing up and over a wall, across balance beams, through some tires, and then ended with the most fun part:  a giant slip-and-slide covered in water and soap. 
This photo doesn't show how dirty we really were, because the slip-and-slide kind of rinsed us off at the end.  We mostly just smelled like dish soap and we were really slimy.   This race was good for a workout and many laughs.  And because of the generally cold and rainy day that was Saturday, it was also good for a really hot shower post-race.

So, I'm going to keep saying YES to good, clean (or dirty) fun.  Every other weekend.  Does that sound optimistic?  I'm trying. 


ltlindian said...

I had won an entry into that race but couldn't go because of a field hockey game for my youth team. I'd like to go next year! Glad you had fun.

SNW said...

One of my favorite places to run! And running near Bananas is a surefire way to sneak into lots of photos..

Jen said...

I AM going to do an obstacle/mud run someday. I just need to get my act together. Looks like a blast!

Rowgirl08 said...

Sounds like you are traveling the right path...muddy that it was this you are ready to enjoy to the fullest those two munchkins when they are with you! Keep finding that balance...

Running Monologue said...

I'm digging the headband, Emilie. Where'd you get it?