Tuesday, September 4, 2012

early arrivals.

source:  BDN

I ran the Labor Day 5 Mile Road Race yesterday, and as a complete surprise to me, I ran a perfect little race.  I've run it 5 times, and the first time I ran it in 2007, I had never run 5 miles before and I ran with my friend Susan in 58:30.  We came in last. 

Considering I have a certain race coming up next weekend, I wasn't planning on even racing, but just having a social 5-miler on a beautiful morning.

Turns out, I had a PR of almost 3 minutes and I swear to you I didn't even push it.  It was just one of those days when everything felt good and right.  My breathing was calm and even, my legs felt strong.  What a lovely experience to run in a race and all the while, think:  "this feels so. damn. good!"

Such graphable splits!

10:33 (the uphill mile, including 2 steep stretches)

Negative splits, baby.   46:39.  Average pace 9:20. 

And as I ran through the finish line chute, I heard a colleague of mine say to his friends:  "She's doing a Half Ironman next weekend!"

Yes, she is.  And oops, she was supposed to be tapering for it.

Thank you, Bangor Labor Day 5 mile race, for the confidence boost in my running (I might be getting older, but I'm still getting faster!), and for the belt buckle, which they gave out instead of t-shirts.  Not sure what I'm going to do with you.

This morning was my first day of school with real, live students, and also the first day I took my kids to school.  I need to get an early start, and we have a 15 minute drive, so I made sure to have everything totally ready the night before.

In very typical Emilie fashion, I got up early for coffee and breakfast, got dressed and ready, and then had both kids up, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, house cleaned, beds made, backpacks and lunches in the car,  and then... it was 30 minutes before we had to leave.  Damn.  I always do that.

Extra time for photos!  And choke-holds on your little brother!

Everyone is enjoying school, including me; I met a fresh crop of awesome students today.

And tonight is one of those quiet, rainy school nights that feels very fall-ish.  We made pumpkin-chocolate chip bars, and I have now found myself looking at a stack of essays. 

Doesn't fall make you want to go running in long sleeves and make soups, bake bread, and hunker down and read thick Russian novels in bed?  Me too. 

May you all enjoy a lovely September, a PR and some early arrivals, too. 


kara said...

Do you have recipe for pumpkin bars?

Good luck in your half iron man. Dave Wagner competed in several. I learned that when we reconnected via Facebook.I know you will do amazing!!! Kids looked so cute in your picture!Reed looks very outgoing!! Xo

Emily McGee said...

Congrats on the PR! I haven't run in years, but I still remember the feeling.

Glad to hear that the first day of school was a success.

Good luck next weekend!

Emilie said...

hey Kara! I went back and posted the link to the pumpkin bars on the blog... should have done that in the first place!

Thanks so much for the good wishes.

Em: I think you should start running again, but that's just me. :) thank you! xo

Carrie said...

Congrats on the PR and first day of school! Have fun next week at your half IM!

Rowgirl08 said...

Hmm, think your dad was smiling? :-) Yay! Happy day!

Good luck next week! Just have fun!!

Emilie said...

Yes, I do think he was smiling, and I love you for saying so. :)