Thursday, September 20, 2012

earthy kids and apples

Saturday we got to go apple picking with my friend Erica and her baby Willow.  Erica was a student in my class when I first started teaching, and she is one of the ones I've stayed close with and watched grow up, get married, have a child, start a career.  She has morphed from student to friend, and is now like a younger sister to me.  We all look forward to our time with Erica.  Reed was waiting for her by the window for twenty minutes before her arrival time.
Erica and Willow arrived with these beauties for my table.
Willow, Skyler, and Reed.  I love the combination of these three earthy names, and they loved their time together wedged into the back seat.

Blue Skies.
Crisp Air.
Thank you.
Skyler took her Willow-loving role very seriously.

We picked two bags of apples, perused the pumpkins, took a hay ride and couldn't stop looking at Willow.  Lucky us.

I love how light and compact an 18-monther is.  She just tucked right into me, and sat still.  I'd forgotten how good that feels. 
Saturday night, by Reed's request, we made an apple crisp with all of our apples.  I think Reed is my best hope for being a foodie like me.  He stood by the oven and inhaled deeply as it was baking, and then when he was eating it, he'd pause and say:  "mmmm.  so good."

Much love and crisp apples to Eri, Willow, and you.


Ellen said...

What gorgeous pictures! Willow is soooo pretty, and how can you not love a name that just SINGS like that?

Willow said...

Sounds like a fun day. And, of course, I just LOVE her name :)

Erica said...

So fun to spend the day with you, Em! You are a constant inspiration. Let me know when you want to come run "the neck" and soak your bones. Much love.