Friday, September 21, 2012

in which I run a race, make pickles, and appear in a magazine.

 1.  RACE

 I ran the Bangor Susan G Komen Race for the Cure last weekend.  This is the same race I ran with my mom last year, only a few months after my mom had recovered from breast cancer.  It was her first 5K ever, and a beautiful experience to run it with her.

This year, my mom couldn't go because she's spending the fall in Utah with my sister.  But I couldn't pass up the chance to run it again, this time just with her in spirit.

I associate this race with bright blue skies and cooler air.  It seems to always be a beautiful day for the Komen Race.
I wore my mom on my back.

Before the race, I found my friend Jen:

And my friend Emily:

The race itself was uneventful.  I ran three 9 minute miles, crossed the finish line, and went straight to my car and drove home, thinking about how amazing it is that my mom's breast cancer is totally over and behind us all.  I'm so grateful.

And now I transition from that little race report into a closely related topic.


Learning how to make pickles has been on my life to-do list for years.  I didn't technically "can" them, but I found this great recipe for making Refrigerator Pickles, which last for up to 2 months in the fridge.  I had a big pile of cucumbers from my friend's garden, and decided it was time to try.

I had a little helper who measured out dill seeds and peppercorns and garlic cloves.

I'm really happy with how the pickles came out;  they are spicy, tangy, and also and very pretty.


The Bangor Metro interviewed me about Clean Food this past summer for a regular feature called Food File, and the article came out this week.  The photos were done by Kate Crabtree, and she did such a nice job.  It was cool to see how dinner and a three-hour conversation with the reporter turned into this story.  The full text will be available online sometime soon and I'll share it with you once it's up.  In the meantime, check your newsstands!
 Here are two other photos that Kate took that day that didn't make the spread.

 Have a great weekend, everyone.


SNW said...

Love your "mom" bib and your bird, want some pickles, and Kate's photos are beautiful! Very exciting.

Emily McGee said...

Aww, what a beautiful photo of you and Skyler.

Also, fridge pickles are the best! They are crispier than canned pickles (although I guess the trade off is that they don't last as long).

Hope your back-to-school transition has been smooth!