Sunday, September 30, 2012

my doctor was in the house.

This weekend I got the gift of 24 hours with my girl Marjorie visiting from NYC.

My Marjorie.  My old San Francisco roommate.  My dear lifelong friend.   My Marigold.  My keeper and confidant.  My Dr. Schwartz. 

After the kids were in bed, we had an uninterrupted evening that included hours of conversation, a pot of potato-leek soup, a salad with green goddess dressing, and a bottle of wine.  I've written about this before, but Marjorie is not only one of my dearest friends who knows me very well, but she is also the most gifted and discerning listener and perspective giver.  I'm actually working on a much longer post about some revelations she helped me have about this stage I'm going through.  I can tell you this:  I am a better and healthier person in this world because of Marjorie and the gift she has given me of hours and hours (and hours and hours) of her attention and wisdom and insight and her ability to gently ask me hard questions that force me to be honest with myself.  

I'm not doing her justice.  I'm not able to articulate how big of a role she plays in my life.

And, as if ALL THAT isn't enough, she brought me bagels from New York.  So my saturday morning included warm, crusty, everything bagels with cream cheese along with my coffee.  Marjorie slept 2 hours longer than the kids and I did.  Skyler said:  "People from New York sure do sleep late."  And when Reed asked why she wasn't up yet, Skyler said:  "She's on New York time."

We drove her to Sorrento where she met up with some other NY friends for the rest of the visit.   Skyler went to a girlscouts field trip so we just had Reedo with us.

 It was a pretty gray day but we got our beach time anyway and I took some extra deep breaths of the sea.

Look at this house where her friends were staying.  So lovely. 

And look at this awesome photo that Reed took with my phone.  He has decided he really wants to be a "totographer"

 I want my Doctor Marjorie back now.  I do believe a trip to Brooklyn to visit her is in my near future.

Or you, Marj, can come back to Maine again soon.  Soup is on.  xoxo


Rowgirl08 said...

Funny, I devoured 12 hours with a friend who knows me inside and out this week too. Blessings, aren't they...even when they ask the hard questions.

So happy you have so much love along this path Emilie.