Sunday, September 2, 2012

the three of us.

This is my little world right now.

 I am enjoying the challenge of filling up my days with the kids with fresh air, fun, and adventure.  I am also enjoying the fact that I'm back to work, so my days without them have a new focus that I was frankly really ready for.

 I am much better off carving out a little alone time for myself in a busy schedule to meditate, do yoga, or just think, than I am having too much unstructured time on my hands.  Busy is good for me.  

This weekend we had ourselves some fun.

For some reason, I always crave the ocean during hard times because it makes me feel small next to it, and seems to help me put things in perspective.    And Wonderland is one of the most beautiful spots on the earth.
 Wonderland is a beach and series of tidal pools at the southern tip of Mount Desert Island.  It is, yes, full of wonder.
 It's a giant playground.  Rocks to hop over, crabs to catch, and waves to spray you if you dare.

 And a pretty awesome spot for lunch.
 Not. one. cloud.
 Here I am taking a short break from shouting:  "Please be careful!   And slow down!"

The rest of the afternoon we walked around Southwest Harbor, had ice cream, and stopped for loaves of bread at Little Notch Bakery, the best bread I've found in Maine.  

And today, fall was even in the air.  We hiked and snacked and lingered on the bog walk. 

Tomorrow is Labor Day.  To celebrate, I will run the 5-mile Labor Day Road Race in Bangor and then I will labor, as tomorrow is my last day to get all my work done and get totally ready for students who arrive on Tuesday. 

Tomorrow is also September 3rd, the anniversary of my dad's death, always a hard day for me.  This year especially, I so wish I had my dad to talk to. 

I'll re-post the essay I wrote last year about my dad's death. 


Mary IronMatron said...

Beautiful pictures, Emilie! Hang in there. And have a happy start to school.

Jen said...

It definitely looks like the three of you had a fabulous weekend. Hugs to you!

Emily McGee said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of Wonderland and the bog walk. I haven't been to Wonderland in years; it's such a great place.

runTIArun said...

Wonderland is my one of my favorite spots on the island, as I grew up in SWH. (This is the 22 yr. old runner that met Suzanne and others @ Sugarloaf last year). Love, love, love your blog. Great job on that 5 miler!