Tuesday, October 16, 2012

our city day.

When you need a day with your friend Kristina who lives near Boston, you get to meet halfway, which just happens to be Portland. Score for all of us. 

In case you don't read Kristina's blog already, she's a runner, writer, coach and badass mama.  She has also become, since our visit together in August, an incredible friend and sender of daily text check-ins and affirmations. 

We met for the amazing pizza and organic, local salads of Flatbread Company on Sunday.

Skyler, smart, precocious and silly 2nd grader, I'd like you to meet
Henry, smart, precocious, silly 2nd grader.

They challenged each other with hard math problems at the table.  Love.

Reed, energetic wild boy drawn to dragons and dress-up clothes, meet Henry (energy, dragons, dress up, etc.  )
Portland Children's Museum:  a total hit.   Highlights were the space shuttle, and the tour of the inside of a life-size cloth whale, and of course the fire-fighter outfits.

It rained but we didn't care.  We walked from the restaurant to the museum and back.  We learned that Henry is an expert at Greek Mythology and magical realism story telling.  He's sassy and smart like his mama. 

I love this city.  And I love that I had Flatbread leftovers for lunch.  And l am amazed at how quickly Kristina has become one of my best people.  xoxo to Kristina, Henry, and Portland town.  We'll be back soon. 


Kristina said...

So much fun! We can't wait for our next visit down east! xox

Jen Small said...

fun fun fun!!

Willow said...

I love Portland! We're actually trying to figure out how we can move there in the next few years.